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Emo piercing is a recent and increasingly popular fashion, especially among teenagers. It is a sub-genre of the Punk fashion, but much softer and with trends copied from the Japanese manga style. The hairstyle is voluminous, often done in a spike and in all directions with many different colors, often black and blonde and even with fluorescent colors. The eyes have a very pronounced makeup for their contours often black, with mixed light colors. Their piercing style is discreet in the majority with small Labrets, Arcades, Dermals, Noses which are often with light colors with small crystals. Some people also wear larger and flashy body jewelry such as Spreader-Plug or Rings on different parts of the body.

Differents types of piercings

Consider wearing a facial piercing. Facial piercings are very emo and no one will doubt your commitment to your clothing style if you have a piece of metal hanging from your face to prove it. Many people get their lip pierced, you can center the piercing, wear it on one side or even have one on each side. Eyebrow piercings and nose rings are also very cool. If you'd rather have a piercing that's less noticeable, you might consider getting a tongue piercing or wearing multiple piercings on the same ear. If you do decide to get a piercing, make sure the piercing or tattoo parlor you choose is well known. Also, make sure you are prepared to commit to the care that a piercing requires. The last thing you want is to get an infection from your piercing, especially a piercing that is on your face! If you are under 18, you will also need to ask permission first. Some locations for a piercing require a dependent's approval before it can be installed on a minor, so it might be mandatory to have your parents on your side in this case.

Different materials of the piercings

316L surgical steel This is the most commonly used material for piercings because it is well supported by the body. It offers strong strength and minimal risk of infection to the body. Formerly used as a piercing for your piercing, it is now replaced by the surgical steel 316LMV which meets the new standard of the European Union. Titanium G23 and G5 Titanium is one of the most recommended materials for the body, as it allows for better healing and rejection tolerance. Lighter and more flexible than steel, it meets the European Union standard for implant jewelry. It is used nowadays as a surgical implant in medicine for its biocompatibility with the organism. It exists in different colors (by anodization), and it is present in each category of piercing. Bioflex Bioflex is more and more used for its compatibility with our body, it is recommended as a body jewel implant and often chosen for its lightness and flexibility. It is also very discreet and can be used on any type of piercing. It exists in any type of color with an infinite possibility of model. Solid Silver 925 Silver is not a suitable material for base piercings because of its rapid oxidation and it is not hypoallergenic. It is often used in piercings for decoration and patterns that are not implanted, often pendant type, they are connected to the piercing stem, which is compatible with our body. Solid silver 925 is the most used silver in jewelry today and also the most common, it must be stamped with the mark 925 on a part of the jewelry to prove its purity. It is tolerated for the nose and ears. Fluorescent and phosphorescent piercing Fluorescent colors are the colors that light up near black lights, neo ultra-violet that are most often found in nightclubs. Body jewelry of this color is most often used for the tongue, the arch and the navel. Without this light the piercings are often of clear color like white, pink, yellow or light green. Phosphorescence is obtained with a treatment in the mass which stores the light of the day to reconstitute it the night under strong of small fluorescent light. Most often used with very clear colors for a better light rendering. Acrylic This type of material should only be used for piercings that have already healed, it is sensitive to light and to any aggressive disinfectant or alcohol because it loses its color and becomes fragile. Organic Bone, horn or wood type, it is very often used for piercings like spreader, plug and must be worn only after healing. They are also known for their absorption of perspiration which allows for less odor. 14 or 18 Karat Gold The gold nugget is not recommended as an implant piercing but can be used by some piercers. Prefer 14Karat or 18Karat better suited for body jewelry.

Know everything about the size of your piercings!

There are several sizes and lengths as well as diameters available for any type of piercing. To begin with, you should check with your piercer to find out what size to choose depending on the desired location. The diameter: The most important thing is the diameter because it will determine your piercing width and the compatible jewelry or accessories you choose. The two most common diameters are 1.2mm and 1.6mm. The length: Next comes the length of the body jewelry which is determined by your body shape. The length goes from one end of the shaft to the other. You must see with your piercer to know your size, not to take a new piercing too short or too long. Accessory diameter: The rest is less useful, as the diameter of accessories such as balls or spikes, rhinestones or pattern, will determine the visible size of your body jewelry. Be careful with the diameter of the screw thread to be sure of its compatibility with the piercing stem. The most commonly used nowadays are 1,6mm for tongues, navels or nipples, and 1,2mm for labrets, arches or tragus. All piercing measurements are to be taken from one end to the other without taking into account the screw threads. Your piercer will be able to inform you about any type of measurement for any piercing, and you will be able to have them changed by him. Be careful not to take the size of your implant piercing which is often one size larger than yours to facilitate healing. If you think that Emo Piercings were created for you and that they perfectly represent your style and personality, don't hesitate to come and see the complete collection of all our Emo Ear Piercings!
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