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Being emo is more than just a style of dress, but it's true that your clothes can help you express your unique personality and musical tastes, while feeling like you belong to a community. The great thing about emo style is that you can change a few things or change everything completely. You can get the right look by adding a few accessories or you can transform yourself by dyeing your hair and changing your wardrobe. This article is going to help you add an emo touch to your look, so start reading it now! 

Emo necklace

In the jewelry category, the necklace holds an important place. It is proudly displayed and participates in a whole outfit. Like any jewel, it can be declined in many models and materials, each woman (or man) will be able to find the necklace that suits him. Fashionable necklaces are becoming as essential as sunglasses in summer.

Necklace with cultured pearl or seed beads, choker necklace or long necklace to wear in one or two turns; the diversity of necklaces is immense and the choice sometimes difficult.

Pearl or macramé breastplate necklace

The bib necklace is imposing, often colored and worn proudly. Whether it is made of pearls or macramé (as on Anne Valérie Hash's catwalk), the bib necklace is easy to wear nowadays. The work of passionate craftsmen with fingers of fairy has allowed to give back all its letters of nobility to these imposing necklaces of woman.

The bib necklace has gone from being a ceremonial jewel in many communities to being a piece of costume jewelry that is worn on a daily basis. The materials have changed, but the way it becomes the centerpiece of our outfit has not. It is an essential piece of women's jewelry, which makes the outfit with which it is accompanied accessory, so much it is masterful. It must however be accompanied by a meticulously chosen outfit which will serve as a support.

Fancy necklace in leather or with feathers

The necklace can be worn with many outfits, it does not have to be always visible. In fact, a half-open shirt revealing a necklace and a pendant can be enough. The suggestion is sometimes better than revealing everything at first sight. Thus the trendy necklaces will over time be imposing, discreet, voluminous, in natural material, but also draw from forms and plastic materials straight out of the 80s. Fancy necklaces are magical in that there is one for every context and outfit. From the very chic rhinestone necklace to the macramé breastplate necklace surrounding raw stones, there is something for everyone. Whether it's for a job interview, a first date or a casual day, you'll find the one that will dress your neck to perfection. 

Exit the string of pearls, bring in the feathers and tassels!

Women's necklaces have long been confined to two extremes, the preppy pearl strand and the simple chain with a pendant that we forget about and that blends into our daily lives. From now on, you'll have to rely on a whole bunch of big fancy women's necklaces, each one more inventive than the other. They become interchangeable attributes which we adorn ourselves and which enhance us by bringing us here and there a touch of color and fantasy. 


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The different types of necklaces, and how to adapt them to your outfit

The choker necklace

As its name suggests, the choker is worn at the base of the neck. Less poetically called a dog collar, this jewel of about forty centimeters embraces the neck and can be embellished with a pendant. It is usually worn with a round or boat neck, but it can also enhance a strapless dress.

The princess necklace

With a length of between 43 and 48 centimeters, this jewel is a sort of generic necklace, which means that it is one of the most frequently worn necklaces. Coming just below the collarbone, this type of model fits most outfits, and is an ideal accessory for everyday life. It comes in a multitude of models and colors. 

The matinee necklace

If we add a few extra centimeters to the princess necklace, we get the matinee necklace. This one is usually worn at chest height. This type of jewelry is particularly well suited to dresses or pantsuits to which it adds a touch of class and sophistication. The matinee necklace is ideal for going to work.l

The opera necklace

Better known as the sautoir, this jewel was popularized by a certain Coco Chanel who had eyes only for it. For the French designer, this simple accessory that falls on the top of the belly can brighten up a little black dress in an incomparable way! Both chic and urban, this type of necklace is suitable for both festive atmospheres and more formal situations. 

The long necklace

Jewelry with a length of 90 cm or more is commonly referred to as long necklaces or Rope necklaces. An essential symbol of the 1920s, this type of necklace allows you to let your imagination and creativity run free. Whether it is worn in its length or in several turns for a cascade effect, it gives style to a sober outfit. But be careful not to overload it! 

The Lariat necklace

This is a model without a closing system at the nape of the neck. This lariat necklace is attached mainly by tying a knot or by inserting one end into the ring fixed to this effect on the other end. There are different lengths of Lariat. The longest are usually worn with an evening dress to which it gives an extra touch of elegance. The short version gives a more casual look.

The bib necklace

Sometimes called bib necklace, this jewel can have different sizes. According to the models, it can tighten the neck, or start from lower until reaching the chest. The materials, too, are diverse: pearls, metal, fabric ... This category of necklace offers multiple possibilities, but remains generally ostentatious.

As a change from your Emo Necklace, have you thought about putting on Emo Chocker? It's a great way to showcase your Emo identity and have more style than others.  
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