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Emo phone case - Protect your smartphone from everyday wear and tear

Since our smartphones are our most faithful companions, they need to be well protected from the daily grind. We offer you a wide range of classic emo cases or completely crazy cases. So there's no doubt that you'll find the phone cover and phone case that best suits your taste. Plus, we sell all of these accessories at reasonable prices, so take your time and shop our online shop!


Why buy a phone case?

You love your new smartphone, you find it beautiful and you want to protect it? You've come to the right place because our online shop has a wide range of protective accessories. To get the most out of your mobile phone, it's best to equip it with a phone cover or a cheap phone case.

There are a few things to consider before buying a smartphone cover. Determine how much money you are willing to invest in buying this type of accessory. It is really difficult to choose a protection for your smartphone.

If you waste your money on a mobile phone cover and soon afterwards discover that it is not practical for everyday use, you have to invest money again for another product.

In what circumstances do you use your mobile phone most often? Are you an adventurer who can't live without action? Do you often carry your phone in your pocket? Do you prefer the elegant style? Are you allergic to certain substances? These are the most important questions you need to ask yourself before buying a smartphone case.


3 trendy cases for you

The protection you need depends on how you use your phone and, more importantly, how well you take care of it (or not). If you often drop it or tend to forget it in your back pocket before sitting down, then you need a solid protection. If - on the other hand - you're conscientious about your stuff, a simple protective screen may be enough. Stylight presents you these three phone cases:


  1. The silicone case

Silicone is both light and malleable and is as practical as it is beautiful. This is what makes it one of the most used phone cases. They are very easy to put on and take off. Be careful to choose the right model for your phone, as silicone cases have predefined shapes.

In terms of protection, this material is quite strong and will protect your phone from possible impacts or drops. In some cases, it can even be splash-proof!


  1. The rugged case

For those who have serious problems with their phone, you should choose a really strong case. The best ones are those with air pockets or reinforced corners. They may be less attractive and heavier than silicone, but with these, your phone can hover without any risk!


  1. The folio case

The folio case is the best choice if you often store your phone in your bag or in a pocket that is cluttered with other objects. With its front flap, it protects the screen from possible scratches. Another advantage of this case is that it often has a pocket for your credit card! Be careful with the metal closure, which is often magnetized and can sometimes prevent your metro tickets from being validated...


In addition to protection, the phone case is now a real way to express your style! Silicone cases are the ones that allow you the most freedom. For the more extravagant, there are animal-shaped ones. Phone cases are the perfect outfit for your mobile phone!


The advantages of having an emo phone case


No more scratches

Protecting your phone in all situations is the main purpose of a phone case when it should only define the essentials. Like a transitional jacket that protects you from the occasional weather, a phone cover protects your phone from scratches.

You can be sure that they will do their job perfectly. The mobile phone pouch offers shock protection and saves you from many unpleasant surprises. Have you ever had to replace your phone screen because it cracked in a total accident?

Now a mobile phone cover will come to the rescue and prevent this kind of damage. Your phone can be kept warm in your pocket right next to your headphones without fear.




Fashionable protection

The phone cover offers good protection against bumps and scratches. Only the screen is not protected, which is why it is often combined with a protective film.

Over the years, the cover has become a fashion accessory. They are now available in all colors, in rigid plastic, silicone, leather, wood... and at all prices. Match your outfit, your handbag or simply your favorite color, the choice is yours! And if you want even more, design your own personalized shell.

If you like the original design and materials of your smartphone, then you can turn to the bumper that surrounds the edges of the device. Often considered more aesthetically pleasing, the bumper offers less protection to the back of the phone.


Elegance and all-round protection

The cover has the advantage of protecting both the back and the screen of your phone. Smartphone covers are usually made of good materials such as leather or velvet, which makes them look a little more elegant.

The flap is often magnetic and if your device is compatible then it will automatically turn off and on each time you close/open your cover. The transparent areas are very useful as you can read your notifications without opening the cover.

The covers also allow you to position your smartphone or tablet at a good angle to watch a video for example.

The covers significantly increase the thickness of the smartphone which can be annoying in certain situations (pocket, car holder...). The clamshell can also be annoying when playing a lot with your phone.


Sporty but connected

Reserved for the most sporty among us, the smartphone armband is really useful for carrying your phone with the minimum of bulk. Launch your running app, your favorite playlist in your ears, and all you have to do is run and think of nothing.


Be careful, however, to choose a quality smartphone armband (rubbing and perspiration wear out armbands easily) and above all one that is compatible with your smartphone (there's nothing more unpleasant than feeling the phone move with the slightest movement).


Phone cases are the perfect outfit for mobile phones!

While a mobile phone bag is meant to keep your lover well protected, this does not prevent it from taking on a more aesthetic look. A mobile phone bag not only ensures survival, but it also looks good, so there is nothing to complain about.

For this reason, as the incredible Marc Jacobs suggests, laptop bags come in a variety of designs, from dark to quirky. Get ready to make your phone jealous with the patterns and colors available on your phone cover. Watch the laptop sleeve make the most of Stylight.

During the colder periods, don't hesitate to discover our Emo Beanie collection that will give you the style you deserve!
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