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For over a decade, the term emo has been used almost exclusively to describe the genre that dominated the late 1980s; however, during the nineties, when emo music began to converge in the popular sense, the term began to be used as a broader reference denotation than the previous one, thus indicating both the type of music and the related cultural movement.

The origin of the word emo itself is confused, although the most likely is the abbreviation of emotional ("Emotional"). Representatives of this subculture are indicated by the term emo kids ("Emo boys") or simply emo.

This emo subculture spread rapidly towards the end of the second half of the new millennium, especially as youth fashion, highlighted by bands such as Tokio Hotel, Cinema Bizarre and dARI. The phenomenon then had an equally rapid decline, already in the early '10s of 2000 was created have evolved into other fashions or subcultures


A ball gown is an evening dress worn at a ball or formal event. The majority of these dresses are off-the-shoulder, off-the-arm, with a low neckline and long, puffy skirts. These dresses are usually paired with a stole (a formal shawl made of expensive fabric), a cape or coat, modern or vintage jewellery and long gloves.

If the wearer is to wear 'state decorations', these are stitched onto a bow pinned to the chest; married women wear a tiara if they have one. Although artificial fabrics are sometimes used, these dresses are usually made of satin, silk, taffeta and velvet, with lace trimmings, beads, sequins, embroidery, ruffles, ribbons, rosettes and gathers.


To go to a ball you have to dress up! Don't hesitate to choose a very formal dress. Prefer long dresses, very elegant, feminine and just as sexy as short dresses. The materials must be fluid and supple to have a beautiful fall, moreover it is very pleasant to wear.

The Emo dress is the most important element and one of the most important elements of the emo, punk or goth style. Thus, the Pentagram brand offers a wide selection of the most beautiful gothic dresses. Compatible with all styles: Emo, Gothic, Steampunk, Romantic, Punk, Victorian, Rock, and more for all tastes.



Emo dress


No, emo dresses are not just for "emo" or other teenagers looking for mysterious answers. Trendy and worn (like long cardigans), emo gothic dresses add a rocking touch to a classic look. They all wear good gothic dresses.

Just be careful not to pair them with black leather thigh-high boots, as gothic dresses can turn you into a hardcore punk with black linings. Don't be afraid. Even big brands like Zara have become fashionable enough to come out with emo dresses, which are a modern must-have for everyday wear.

Emo dresses paired with simple ballet flats and silk blazers create a functional and original look.


EMO Princess Ball Gown: For the most beautiful princesses.

Have you ever dreamed of being a prom queen? Are you ready to wear the best dress for the evening? The emo princess ball gown is a strapless dress that makes you look like a real princess. Adding a touch of elegance in black keeps you looking your best. Black emo dress: for an unforgettable evening

If the theme of your party is dark, emo or gloomy, you're totally on topic. But even if it's not, this black prom dress will work for you in any situation. Its length and strapless design are both sexy and flattering.


Which emo prom dress should I wear?

Some days I pamper myself, some days I want to be a little princess at the ball. On that day, you need to be in the spotlight. Style your emo dress and you can do whatever you want!


If you're emo but want to keep it low key on your special day, try toning down your outfit. If it's really beautiful and understated, you can wear a black prom dress. Emo jewelry and dark makeup are appropriate in most situations.


Which Emo wedding dress should you wear?

If you want to be accepted by all attendees, it's a good idea to define your wedding theme as Emo or Gothic. Besides feeling free to wear the clothes you like, you should also see how all your guests respect this theme. Plus, people who don't like the theme will never come, so it's a win-win!

Most guests are definitely new to emo style and art, so it may be wise to advise them on some costumes.


Perfect emo prom dress for a wedding

If you're looking for the perfect emo prom dress to attend a gothic-themed wedding, you might be surprised at the variety of styles that fall under the term emo. Emo-gothic prom dresses are more like Renaissance dresses or dark underworld styles. Either way, you can have a great emo wedding and find the perfect gothic prom dress.


Emo-Gothic Wedding Dress Look

There are many reasons why brides seek out gothic wedding dresses. These styles often incorporate elements of Victorian and Elizabethan era dress, so they tend to have a sense of elegance, glamour and old world romance.

This is an ideal choice for women who want a different kind of wedding dress. Depending on the theme and venue of the wedding, a gothic look with ghostly overtones is also perfect. For example, it can enhance a Halloween wedding or a wedding that takes place in a historic castle. Some couples embrace the gothic theme and exchange gothic wedding rings.


 Find the right emo wedding dress for you

Gothic wedding dress styles are as diverse as the women who seek them out. Not only are there unique styles, but we also have a great selection of different colors and styling elements, so there is a perfect dress for every woman. Whether you opt for a punk gothic wedding dress or an understated Victorian style for your gothic wedding, there is a dress for you.



Get a real emo look by finishing your style with an Emo Jacket. This is the must-have garment for any self-respecting Emo.
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