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The wig has many uses in various contexts. Wearing one has become a very attractive solution not only for people who have lost their hair due to various diseases, but also for women who want to change their appearance quickly.


The importance of wigs

The first, but not least, advantage of wearing a wig is that you can change your hairstyle frequently. Moreover, wigs come in a variety of different colors and shapes. With a wig, you can change your appearance as much as you like and without wasting too much time. Another very important advantage is that you can enjoy a wig even after losing your hair due to an illness, it will allow you to regain your lost hair.


However, it is important to choose the right model and forget about spending a lot of money, as wigs are not very expensive. The third advantage of wigs is that they are a ready-made hairstyle that does not require much maintenance and always looks good.

Although you need specific cosmetics to take care of a wig, it will not take much time. Washing, drying and styling don't take as long as our own hair. And with a wig, you can give your hair protection and rest in autumn and winter.


EMO- Gothic Hair and EMO- Gothic Wigs

Let's talk about hair, shall we? It's no secret that the gothic subculture is known for its often outrageous hairstyles. But what are some of the most popular ones out there. Well, you might be surprised to find that they're not that different from your typical everyday hairstyle. For example, many gothic style people also wear a mullet! Today's goths find their inspiration elsewhere - often using black lipstick, mascara and eye shadow for a more modern look!


The different types of wigs

First and foremost, there are the synthetic wigs. In addition to being cheaper, they also have many advantages, such as the ability to change the length, cut and color of your hair as you wish. In addition, synthetic wigs are easy to style and put on.

This makes them a quick solution for people who like to change their appearance all the time. These wigs will prove their worth in everyday life, but also at costume parties and if you are an art lover. A synthetic fiber wig is not only worn occasionally, but also for people without hair.


Then there are the natural wigs. This type of wig has been around for a long time. Moreover, they are suitable for anyone in need, regardless of the reason for purchase. The price of a natural wig depends on the color, the length of the hair, its thickness and the cap used. The last type of wig is the mixed wig. This is a little known type of wig. It is often simply a wig made of synthetic hair, but few people know that a mixed wig contains 50% natural hair in its composition. Because of this, blended wigs can be freely styled up to 160 degrees. However, don't forget to use cosmetics dedicated to the care of mixed wigs, thanks to which the wig will last longer and won't form frizzes and curls.


Japanese wig for an emo look that pops

This material add the original machining technology. Much better quality, it is adjustable. All of our wigs can fit medium head sizes approximately 21-23 polygalas which is more or less 97% of the adult population.

Very natural looking human hair-synthetic Blend wig. The curves add a stylish, elegant look that is perfect for everyday life and special occasions. The top of the skin allows you to part the hair anywhere on top for a natural, realistic look.

This wig is made with human hair (50%) mixed with new generation kanelalon heat resistant synthetic fibers (50%).

This style is truly designed for comfort and versatility. Use with styling products to achieve. Vibrant texture or use your curling iron or a flat iron to achieve a different look!


Go bold with a punk wig to bring out your emo look

Punk is a trend that brings together people, mostly young people, who want to make their voices heard through their music and their style of dress. This trend puts forward a hairstyle and accoutrements that are very representative of their way of thinking.

This is a concept that deserves to be addressed on happy fete with our specialties: disguises and accessories. Here, we will focus more on punk wigs, which we have gathered in this section.

The style is not lost even if we are talking about wigs, the crested hairstyles are for example available in different models and offered in several colors, whether orange, black, pink, green, blue, red, purple, tricolor: blue, white and red, but also multicolored.

Apart from that, there is also the long neck style for men and women, and another gradient style for women. As mentioned above, the colors are bright and varied.


What are the benefits of mixed human hair wigs?


  • Can withstand the heat of blowdryers and curling irons
  • Much cheaper than human hair wigs
  • More realistic texture than synthetic wigs
  • Less tangles than synthetic wigs
  • Longer hair life compared to synthetic wigs

Hair is sewn onto an adjustable light-fabric, which should fit an average sized head (male or female). All you need to do is adjust the hooks inside the hat to the correct head size. No pins or bands should be required.


Wigs: why wear them?

Wigs have many uses in various contexts. Wigs have become a very attractive solution not only for people who have lost their hair due to various illnesses, but also for women who want to change their appearance quickly.

Wigs have also become a kind of extension to express or assert a look or fashion. The emo, gothic, punk... look presents various wig styles that represent them well


Wigs, a chic but shocking trend!

Wigs... it's a great invention! Did you know that wigs have been worn for thousands of years? In ancient Egypt, they were used to protect shaved heads from the sun. The Greeks, Romans and other civilizations adapted to them for aesthetic reasons.

After disappearing completely from Western Europe, they came back into fashion in the 16th century. They were worn mainly for reasons of hygiene, to hide baldness or to improve appearance.

Around 1620, Louis XIII pioneered this fashionable accessory which symbolized his social status. The fashion for the years to come. At the time, wigmakers were held in high esteem! A profession in the service of beauty!

Technological developments, especially those in synthetic fibers, saw a resurgence of wigs in the 1960s and today they are considered the most attractive fashion accessory.

Today, wigs are increasingly worn on a daily or occasional basis for convenience, particularly to mask alopecia or hair loss associated with post-treatment side effects such as chemotherapy.


Good to know for wig fans

Nowadays, synthetic wigs are much more realistic than a few years ago. However, they still look less natural. When choosing a wig, there are several criteria to take into account, depending on your needs, desires and budget. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the natural wig:




  • They look more realistic. In the street, nobody will notice that it is not your real hair.
  • It lasts longer. Natural hair is more resistant and therefore the wig will look better for longer.
  • They can be customized. Being real hair, it can withstand the heat of styling appliances but also some hair products.
  • They are maintained in the same way as your natural hair.



  • Like your real hair, it reacts to the weather and can curl, swell or flatten with humidity or heat.
  • Every time you shampoo it, you'll have to re-style it and get it back into shape. This is not easy to do yourself!
  • In the sun, it can lose its color, the hair can oxidize and the color can fade.
  • The hair can break if you brush it too hard or if you use straightening or curling irons or hair dryers too often.
  • They can be heavier than synthetic wigs for a similar style and length.
  • On average, a natural wig costs between 250 and 1000 euros. The price can of course vary depending on the style, length, and percentage of human hair and the ethnic origin of the hair used.


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