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The main color of emo clothing is black. Although the outfit is sometimes confused with the goth style, emo outfits have their own characteristics and include bright fluorescent colors. Purple or pink colors can also be incorporated into your wardrobe.

So you'll need skinny jeans (with or without intentional rips) or men's sarouels (you can find them here) and a white or black V-neck t-shirt. Wear a hoodie as well and complete the look. The hood tightens your outfit. Maybe black or striped.


What are Emo Jeans?

Emo jeans are a type of fashion worn by followers of the emo subculture. The jeans are usually black or dyed in very bright colors, tight fitting and often have large belts. In general, people who belong to this cultural subgroup wear skinny jeans with tight band-related t-shirts; straightened and dyed hair; and many colorful accessories. Piercings and facial tattoos are also acceptable in emo culture. People in the emo subculture are generally young people under 30 with a very slim build.

Emo is short for "emotional hardcore". People who consider themselves emo generally like poetry, writing, gothic culture, death and depression. They like dark clothing, including black skinny jeans with ankle zips.

There are thousands of emo music fans, and most of them like to wear emo jeans. Emo music began as an offshoot of 1980s emo music and indie rock. Emo bands include 30 Seconds to Mars, Newfound Glory, Boys Like Girls, The All-American Rejects and The Used, to name a few.

The jeans they wear are very tight and tapered at the ankle. Denim can be any color from white to hot pink, but blue jeans are frowned upon. Both men and women can wear skinny jeans, and the wearer is encouraged to have a slim body type.

Boys usually wear girls' jeans, as few manufacturers make skinny jeans for men. Emo jeans are often topped with large colored or studded belts that are looped around the hips as an accessory.

Skate trainers, such as Vans or Converse, are acceptable with tight jeans. Heels, however, are not an emo trend with skinny jeans. The appropriate types of shoes to wear with skinny jeans are usually flat.

Goth jeans, also called skinny jeans, are always low-rise. This means that the top of the waistband is only a few inches (about 7 or 8 cm) higher than the crotch.

People who wear tight emo jeans often complete the look by wearing lots of colorful rubber bracelets, scarves, pins, hoodies and fingerless gloves. Lip piercings, nose rings, ear plugs and multiple piercings are also part of emo culture.

Some people like to wear black-framed glasses, whether they need them or not. Black band t-shirts or ironic t-shirts are also popular to wear with tight jeans.


Men's emo trousers to complete your style

Does retro-futuristic fashion make your face red? Consider buying a pair of emo trousers. Trousers are an integral part of men's emo.

The style cannot be perfected. Indeed, emo trousers always stand out with their striking patterns to the touch. Original and not to be found in any register. If you like vintage style, you will certainly find your own style of emo trousers.


Emo-Gothic Jeans for Men For an authentic emo look

Ho ho, how can I miss this! Our beautiful emo-gothic jeans are obviously essential and sometimes the centerpiece of your outfit! Choose from a wide collection of gothic camouflage jeans with straps or zips. For the more stylish, plain black gothic jeans await you.

Will you be bold and colorful? All our jeans, whether they are cargo leather, classic or vegan, will find their place in your wardrobe and allow you to express 100% of your emo style.

Of course, the most important thing is that the jeans match you. If you are looking for an emo-gothic jean, then don't hesitate to discover our gothic shoes for men and our emo t-shirts for a more sophisticated alternative style.


Emo-Gothic Jeans for Women For an authentic emo look

Fans of emo jeans and emo-gothic leggings for women will be pleased! Find an assortment of women's gothic jeans for every style. Whether you're looking for a darker gothic lolita or a classic romance, unlimited patterns from pentagrams to skulls and cute cat heads will allow you to customize your outfit!

Trousers and leggings work well with gothic skirts, so feel free to combine the two. Of course, you can also find our lined gothic trousers and leggings for this winter's cooler weather.

Choose from our selection of gothic coats and jackets to complete your wardrobe for winter or any other occasion! The best selection of jeans and leggings can be found on vetement-gothique.fr, so you can have fun and enjoy fashion.


Emo jeans: the perfect complement to your everyday outfit

The most passionate will tell you: a fully accomplished emo look requires the right amount of accessories and make-up, but also perfectly matched clothing elements. But how can you have a great outfit without a few pairs of trousers? Our cotton models, decorated with gloomy and scary patterns, will give you all the style you need, as well as an incomparable level of comfort.


Emo and goth fans, don't forget... jeans!

Even the most beautiful gothic jacket or the most original Emo t-shirt will look strange and out of place if worn with the wrong trousers.

Definitely forget jeans or jogging suits if you want to present a perfectly gothic look from head to toe: cotton canvas trousers for men are the best investment you can make to get closer to your ideal.

The gothic trousers for men on sale in the specialized Neo Piercing shop combine a neat aesthetic with a real sense of practicality. Most of them are equipped with a button closure system, to which is added a small discreet strap that you can tie to adjust the garment at the waist and make it tighter.


Check out our great jeans with decoration on both sides

Are you looking for a pair of jeans that will allow you to wear the most famous symbols of the emo community with pride? You won't be disappointed when you browse through the models that are starting to fill the shelves of our shop, and that will continue to arrive at a good rate in the months to come!

Every skeleton, skull and crossbones, gauntleted hand and hellish creature on earth seems to be here to reveal itself at its best, and in colors of extraordinary vigour. Whether you're viewed from the front or the back, there's always something to admire!

Our gothic trousers go so far as to offer two matching illustrations, one on the front of the garment and the other on the back, at the level of the buttock. A mischievous wink that will always have its little effect!


Your gothic trousers delivered quickly and free of charge

The purchase of gothic trousers on our site can be done without any fear. If the fitting is disappointing, it remains possible to return the garment during several days in order to request a refund or an exchange.

Moreover, the wait for the parcel, often difficult to bear for the most impatient, will be greatly reduced by using our services: in addition to express delivery, the parcel is sent the same day during the week if the order was placed before 4pm. And don't forget that shipping costs are reduced to a minimum.


Go for the geek chic look. Wear dark striped wool knits and horn-rimmed glasses. It's a look popularized by the emos of the mid-90s that has become the norm. It's a look that makes you look like a cool upperclassman. To achieve this look, you need the following.

  • Glasses (preferably with thick black frames)
  • Tight jeans
  • Jumpers or knitwear
  • Converse All-Stars
  • T-shirts with the name of a band


Try the creamo look. This genre emerged in the mid-2000s with a deposited hairstyle and clothing style. Usually only black. Here's what you need.

  • Dark, skinny jeans
  • T-shirts with black or white V-necks
  • Skate shoes like Vans or Airwalks
  • A hairstyle with pulled back locks, usually black with shiny highlights
  • Japanese tattoos like yakuza or koi fish ink
  • A lip piercing
  • A belt with spikes or a white belt
  • Your keys on a carabiner


Cultivate your creativity. In general, the emo subculture emphasizes the arts. Painting, music, writing, and creative expression of its members are important ways to participate in the emo subculture. Find a way to express yourself and use your free time to hone your skills in these arts.

Write poetry and make songs in your own words. Write reviews of emo songs on your own music review blog.


The design must be ingenious to attract attention with a emo look

Of your outfit. You can play with the color of the trousers according to your style if you are inspired.

Then you can personalize your style emo by adding emo belts for men.


Totally change your look and put aside your skirts and dresses for a while for some fashionable emo jeans! This garment will allow you to shape your emo-gothic style according to your desires but always in a rebel spirit.

It was necessary for us to present in our Emo Jeans collection some really daring items, you need something new to break the codes and build a gothic outfit. Emo jeans and gothic jeans have always been inspired by the emo style.

When you're in a casual mood with your jeans, we have the perfect match, our Emo Sweater. Soft, comfortable and perfect for feeling like yourself anywhere.
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