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Put the chain around your neck

It's clear that only insiders share. Wearing a nice shiny chain around your neck is one of them. 100% benefits for all those who love emo, goth and punk style. The shine of metal and the warmth of leather.

Whether you want to add one or not, it's definitely the perfect ally to add the finishing touch to your outfit. Little followers or not. We have mobilised all our energies and gathered here.

Presentation of all the most beautiful gothic chains on the market today. Be enchanted by thanks to our endless variety of items and especially our incredibly low prices.


Steel chain, leather bracelet: why not change the way you treat yourself? 

Forget the traditional gold or silver chains, which are both expensive and out of fashion! An emo, gothic or biker style fan has everything to gain by turning to models made of 316L stainless steel.

This metal, as robust and durable as it is versatile, allows for all kinds of audacity in the choice of shapes and the contour of the mesh. Far from being limited to its natural grey and metallic color, steel can also be ion-plated to become deliciously black: it's up to you to decide which of the two colors best suits your personality.

In contrast to the slightly cold touch of metal, a leather emo cord is unrivalled for warming the atmosphere and making you feel its softness on your skin. A metal magnet fastener is all that is needed to keep the jewelry on your neck and give it an unmistakable style.

Ideally, you should alternate between different types of chains to get a different feel: our extensive collection is always full of new and exciting designs, and you'd be well advised to check back from time to time!


Finest mesh, with or without a pendant

Have you ever seen chains with such a fine, precise and regular structure? As usual, our collection offers you a selection of new and original models, distinguished by the great diversity of their links.

Whether they are oval or V-shaped, whether they produce a rope or snake effect, the links of our steel chains know how to adapt to everyone's physiognomy and desires. Honeycombs, handcuffs, thick or thin models, black balls... Nothing will stop your quest for the pure rock or gothic accessory.

Even if it can be worn naked, each chain on sale in the shop can also be matched with the fetish pendant that never leaves you. It's all a matter of taste and personal preference!


Gothic emo ghost chain

The 2013 summer season saw headbands return to the forefront, playing all the fashionable hair stars. This winter, it's time to move on to another type of accessory: necklaces! That's right, necklaces are attached to the hair and adorned with neo-gothic inspired jewels. Focus on the trends.


Gothic trend

Gothic wardrobe inspired pieces are displayed in easy to achieve hairstyles. The emo-gothic trend of 2013 can be seen as a mix of 1930s pieces and contemporary grunge images. Without losing the romance. This year, posting emo-gothic accessories in your hair made all the difference!


 Emo ghost chains for whom?

For those who are looking for originality and refinement. Indeed, an emo necklace will enhance your hairstyle and make it as wearable as a headband. Now, necklaces are entering the hair accessory corner, dressing the top of the hair and avoiding the overly "princessy" aspects like crowns.


Emo ghost chains, how do you accept them?

As seen at the Philippe Plein show, neo-gothic necklaces really shine when the hairstyle chosen is simple and contrasts with the details of the necklace. For a feminine and elegant result, create a high ponytail that hugs the top of your head. Once secured with an elastic hook, wrap a few strands around the clip to hide it. Place the necklace on your head and tie it behind your ponytail. Leave the necklace around your neck and ponytail this winter.



Trousers chains

For a real metal or biker look the trouser chain is the right accessory for you.

We offer a wide range of single, double or even triple chains of all lengths, made of small links or very large links for an even more masculine look.

Chromed or in black editions you will certainly find the right trouser chain for you. Most of our trouser chains are made of steel and are equipped with quick links or rings for easy attachment to trousers.




How to Choose a Cowrie Necklace?

The cowrie shell is very fashionable at the moment, it can be found everywhere. In earrings, rings, bracelets or even anklets, you can't miss such a success. But whatever you think, the favorite jewel of French women remains the cowrie shell necklace. A real fashion accessory ideal for spending summer holidays in the sun with friends or with your prince charming.


The Cowrie Shell: Symbol and History

Often considered as a simple shell or a charm, few people know the history of this mythical beach shell.

A member of the porcelain family, the cowrie shell has long been used as a currency in most Pacific islands and in Africa. This small white shell was coveted for its particular shape, for its difficulty in being forged and for its practicality. It was therefore a perfect currency for trade and exchange. Over time, cowrie shells have appeared in the hands of the greatest jewellers.

Prized for its beauty, the cowrie shell (also called coffee bean) has a strong meaning and an ancient symbol. Many ethnic groups see the sea shell as a symbol of fertility and purity. In the West, seashells provide a rich cultural touch.


The Cauri Shell Necklace around the World

The cowrie shell is used in jewelry and fashion around the world in a variety of ways. In Africa, for example, cowrie shells adorn long dresses, ethnic outfits and large jewelry sets of several dozen white shells. However, in everyday life, you will more often find simple white cowrie necklaces.

Elsewhere on earth, it is possible to find the cowrie shell necklace in gold, gold plated, silver, or simply gold and silver. Sometimes accompanied by natural stones, precious stones or semi-precious stones, the base of the necklace also varies.

In cord, chain, rope, string, gold chain or shell choker, there is something for every taste and occasion. So there's no excuse if you can't find a gift idea for a woman.

For a darker touch, why not go for Emo Piercings? They will instantly enhance your Emo style.
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