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Emo - a style of clothing favored by the youth of the eponymous subculture. The style itself is characterized by an abundance of black color both in the clothing and in the image as a whole, with an essential alternation with pink. The presence of pink is one of the main differences with the emo style.

The name "emo" is an abbreviation of "emotional" in English. The representatives of this trend are called "emo-kids". You can find the terms "emo-boy" or "emo-girl" (from the English boy - boy and girl - girl).

These "childish" designations are by no means accidental. The subculture is called "emotional". This is because young people are characterized by a particularly deep and vivid feeling. This youthful exaltation is often called youthful minimalism.

Emo is a style for boys and girls characterized by strong emotions and not being afraid to express them openly. All emo children are considered suicidal depressed.

In fact, representatives of this youth trend do not always fall into depression. Whether you love your friends, your parents, your loved one or yourself, the important parameter for liking or disliking is not their nature, but the intensity of their feelings.


The looks

The image of the emo girl is very bright and eye-catching. This is one of the reasons why this style has become so popular. It has a certain androgynous quality, which is why emo boys often look like girls.

Most often, boys and girls who sympathize with this direction dye their hair black. However, you can find a combination of black with grey-white or pink. Emo hair is usually straight, medium length (to the middle of the chin) or very long (as with girls, emo boys rarely grow their hair long).

Emo hairstyles can be very neat, hair-on-hair, or, on the contrary, a bit sloppy. Girls love to accessories their hairstyles with emo hairpins and shiny headbands. In addition, many emos wear fringes that cover one eye.

Since the emo-core music culture is a "direct descendant" of punk rock, boys and girls in this subculture usually wear piercings, which are a unique attribute. Lips, chin, eyebrows, nostrils - a very characteristic image of this style. Emo children often use a special type of ear piercing called "tunneling".


Clothing and shoes

Emo clothes, like make-up, are quite colourful. The same colours of black and pink are dominant (although other bright colours may be used). The choice of this area is not random. Both colours have their own designation. Black is a symbol of sorrow, grief, longing and pain.

Pink, on the other hand, reflects happy and positive things like friendship and love. It's hard to say that an emo person wears a particular style of clothing... but most of the time it's fleece jumpers, sweatshirts or anything sporty. Skinny is characteristic of the emo style.

Girls are allowed to wear backpacks. A luxury like this is by no means forbidden, as it is a popular form of self-expression in this subculture. Emo girls are by no means alienated from the purely feminine elements of clothing. As a rule, emo clothing involves bright and unusual patterns.

This can be a heart, a blade, a weapon (a special symbol of suicide) or something more positive, for example a stylised image of a couple in love. This style of dress is also distinguished by black and pink stripes or black and pink cages ("checkered"). However, there is also a black and white version of plaid.

Popular emo footwear includes trainers, skate slippers, flip-flops and moccasins (sturdy or rubber-soled slippers). Emo styles usually include many different themes.

Boys and girls in this culture wear images or logos of famous bands in this genre of music, or badges with patterns similar to those found on clothing. High socks and striped leggings, mittens and scarves and bracelets are popular in the emo environment.


What to wear for an authentic emo look?

First black clothes. It is this difference that most often and immediately attracts the attention of the representatives of this group. Note that the clothes have a few more shades. As a rule, they are bright and even rebellious. Emo can self-harm on the arm. To cover them, they wore armbands.

However, it is common to accidentally remove this part of the clothing and expose the scar to others. If you see a man in extremely skinny jeans, you know he is emo. Often a man will "borrow" it from his sister. They love rivets on trousers and other metal parts.

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