Piercing Emo Boy


0.04*0.23+ 0.11 Inches
0.04*0.31 + 0.11 Inches
0.04*0.39 + 0.11 Inches
0.04*0.47 + 0.11 Inches
Piercing Emo Boy

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Piercing Emo Boy is body jewelry for emo people who like unique styles of parties, clubs, and occasions.

Many emo people want glam in their style. It is made with good quality metal. There are some more details of this body jewelry as follows.

  • It is made with titanium metal.
  • It is a round-shaped classic fashion body jewelry.
  • It has nose rings and studs in body jewelry.
  • It is available in Silver
  • The material used is G23 Titanium.
  • Unique design available for Captive Bead Ring, Ear Cartilage Tragus, Nose Septum Ring, Lip Rings.
  • Sizes are 0.04*0.23+ 0.11 Inches, 0.04*0.31 + 0.11 Inches, 0.04*0.39 + 0.11 Inches and 0.04*0.47 + 0.11 Inches.
  • It is both for men and women.

Piercing Emo Boy is unique body jewelry for emo peoples that adopt new styles in their gang. We have many new varieties of body jewelry for emo people.

You want to alter your piercing like your shirt, do you? Then arm yourself with our Snake Bites Piercing Emo. Check out our selection of Emo Piercings for an even darker look. They will complete your collection of Emo Jewelry that looks like it was made in hell.

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