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What are emo pants? 

Emo pants are a type of fashion worn by members of the emo subculture. The jeans are usually black or dyed and very light in color, fitted and often with a wide belt. Typically, people in this cultural subgroup wear tight T-shirts associated with musical groups. Wear skinny jeans with a shirt. straight and dyed hair and a range of colorful accessories.

Facial piercings and tattoos are also acceptable in emo culture. Members of the emo subculture tend to be young people under 30 with very slim physiques. Emo stands for Emotional Hardcore. People who consider themselves emo generally like poetry, writing, gothic culture, death and depression.

They like dark clothes, especially tight black jeans with zips at the ankles.  There are thousands of emo music fans, most of whom like to wear emo pants. Emo music grew out of the offshoots of punk music and indie rock in the 1980s.

Emo bands include 30 Seconds to Mars, Newfound Glory, and Boys like Girls, The All-American Rejects and The Used. The pants they wear are very tight and taper towards the ankles. The denim can be any color from white to pink, but blue pants are frowned upon. Skinny jeans can be worn by both men and women, and slim figures are recommended for those who wear skinny jeans.

Boys usually wear girls' jeans as many manufacturers do not offer skinny jeans for men. Emo pants are often topped with a wide colored or studded belt that wraps around the hips as an accessory. Skate shoes such as Vans and Converse work well with skinny pants. Heels, on the other hand, are not the emo trend for skinny pants.

The types of shoes that go well with skinny jeans are mainly flats.  Gothic jeans, also called skinny pants, are always low-rise.

Those who wear tight emo jeans often wear lots of colorful rubber bracelets, scarves, pins, hoodies and mittens to complete the look. Lip piercings, nose rings, ear studs and multiple piercings are also part of emo culture.

Some people prefer black-framed glasses, whether they need them or not. A black T-shirt or ironic T-shirt is also often worn with skinny pants.


Why buy emo trousers?

Women's fashion is evolving, and with it the expectations and preferences of consumers for women's trousers and trousers. Nothing is more important than trousers. Complement a variety of looks and can be easily dressed up or down for different occasions and activities. This is one of the reasons why denim jeans, gothic emo trousers, ankle high trousers and khaki trousers are popular for everyday wear.


Emo Pants: a look beyond comfort

Comfort is also important and no one wants to sacrifice style for comfort. Yoga pants, flared leggings, cargo trousers, joggers and bohemian trousers are the most popular and comfortable styles and are usually worn to bed or only worn to the gym.

Fortunately, social norms have changed dramatically in women's fashion, and these types of bottoms are now considered suitable for all occasions. More and more styles of comfortable stockings. Even black skinny jeans in a variety of textures and soft, stretchy fabrics.

Styles are available for all body types, from skinny cuts to classic cuts to casual cuts.


Add personality to your look with these military emo trousers

Emo fashion is closely associated with the music of the same name and a particular state of protest. Scavenged accessories (chains, nails, safety pins, etc.), bondage or BDSM accessories, protest or provocative slogans, military clothing are common and distinctive attributes of the movement.

All these aggressive aesthetic elements demonstrate this communal rejection of the code. The desire for freedom and the rejection of the system are reflected in the punk clothing. Between mockery, provocation and protest, punks sported flashy, violent and sometimes even trashy aesthetics. The paramilitary look can be found in all punk fashion trends. Military trousers are a recurring garment and wearing them definitely shows that you belong to a community.

Black punk trousers that follow the codes of the military uniform without using camouflage prints. We are particularly fond of the shape and the straight cut. Large loops on the straps and instep evoke the world of combat in a more colorful way. A true symbol of contested authority, this garment looks partially damaged due to its destructive effect.

Pair this powerful piece with a custom t-shirt, sleeveless leather waistcoat and tartan jacket to complete your punk outfit. A must-have for the male emo wardrobe!

These emo military trousers are also perfect for your cyber-goth wardrobe. The movement also relies on military oriented pieces to build its futuristic look.


Steampunk trousers give you authentic emo style

Steampunk trousers are an essential part of a true Vepolist outfit. Depending on the character and the style, these trousers bring authenticity and elegance to Gothic Punk or Victorian looks.

Steampunk for men has a very specific aesthetic code. The steampunk clothes chosen to compose the retro futuristic men's clothing must be part of a global reflection on the steampunk character.

Are you a fan of punk, rock or gothic? If you are sensitive to the fashion of the beautiful Victorian era, steampunk trousers will suit you perfectly. The steampunk style is able to take inspiration from other fashion trends while keeping its originality.


Wear these emo cargo trousers and show your assertive personality

Signifying a true anti-conformism and a desire to stand out, emo is a counter-culture that has developed its own fashion trend. The post-punk movement is one of the most widespread. The associated clothing style is one of the most used in everyday life.

This fashion uses clothing inspired by military dressing, as well as provocative elements associated with sexual libertinism (bondage, BDSM, etc.). The emo fashion of punk influence also integrates pieces usually classic and vintage, restructured and torn to offer a look out of the ordinary.

These emo cargo trousers take up these codes. In the spirit of gothic punk, these men's military trousers are reinvented with chains, hooks, square rivets, eyelets, metal rings, straps and zippers.

Rich in provocative embellishments, the trousers benefit from a totally unstructured style. What's more, the garment in this gothic version is no longer khaki or camouflage printed, but black.

To accompany your Emo Pants, one of our Emo Belts will be the perfect accessory. A final touch for a dark look out of the ordinary. It's up to you!
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