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Whether it's for classes, comic book conventions, metal festivals or going out on the town, backpacks are a glamorous accessory in the world of emo fashion... every style of backpack, every shape, every size.

 For the darker side, we have gothic backpacks from Restyle and Banned. Gothic backpack, emo backpack, goth shoulder bag, punk backpack...

For a vintage, retro or steampunk style, Banned has a very nice and solid backpack. Steampunk backpack, steampunk striped backpack, retro backpack, vintage bag.

For younger kids, backpacks with built-in speakers are popular. A cat backpack with speakers or a panda backpack with speakers. Choose your color.


Quality Emo themed backpacks, customized by independent artists.

Until backpacks were invented, we only used half our body: the front. Then someone discovered that if you wear a backpack, you can carry more stuff and still keep your hands free, for work for example, or make a guilli-guile under your boss' chin. Pure genius!

Today we have original designs to elevate the humble backpack from a mindless tote bag to a stylish and practical bag with personality. Looking for a cute, trendy backpack for your next trip?

A cool backpack for the gym? These backpacks with adjustable, padded shoulder straps have more than one trick up their sleeve, including an interior laptop pocket and an exterior mesh side pocket.

Speaking of pockets, every sale fills the pockets of the artists who feature their work on this incredible and indispensable accessory.

Choose from thousands of original designs, printed on demand just for you. Finally a backpack that reflects your personality, like a face on your back, only less weird.


The advantages of choosing a backpack

The backpack has become an essential accessory for everyday life. Far from being the preserve of schoolchildren or students, they are suitable for everyone. Although the concept remains unchanged, the backpack has become more practical and above all more elegant.

It is now dressed up with original details, adapted to the occasion and allows you to express your style. Here we give you the advantages of choosing a backpack, which will make you succumb to this practical accessory.


The backpack: practicality and comfort

For carrying notebooks, clothes and other everyday items, the backpack is a must-have. Its straps and back can be ergonomically designed and padded to improve comfort. With the weight evenly distributed over both shoulders, the backpack reduces the strain on the neck, back and shoulder blades in everyday life. It also frees up the hands and allows for greater freedom of movement during journeys.


It is the ideal type of bag for long-distance travel.

Carrying it is less tiring than carrying a satchel or handbag. For maximum comfort, it is essential to choose a model that fits the length of your back. Neither too big nor too small, should the backpack function as an extension of your body. Models with adjustable shoulder straps will allow you to adjust it to the weight you are carrying.


Nowadays, fashion has taken on these features.

Modern backpacks combine these advantages of practicality with style. It is possible to find atypical models with original looks. Retro bags, bohemian bags, mini bags and even handmade patchwork bags are just some of the options you can choose from. Thanks to the know-how of the manufacturers, users can get high-quality and durable bags with a trendy look.


The backpack for a fashionable look

The backpack is a true fashion accessory. Whether you're into casual, vintage or street style, you can easily find a bag that suits your preferences. You can opt for a solid color or for trendy patterns, such as animal prints or superhero designs.

Between a sober style and a more modern design, you will totally change your look! This accessory allows you to enhance your basic outfits or to add a touch of sobriety to a more extravagant look.


The backpack to change your style according to your desires

The backpack is a highly functional accessory, but the ideal is to combine practicality with elegance. You can't invest in just any model if you want to be trendy!


The vintage bag

Manufacturers produce bags in a variety of materials, from leather to cotton to synthetics. To express your fashion side with this accessory, choose the vintage bag for women. Timeless and resolutely elegant, the vintage style is back in fashion and is the trend to follow. For inspiration, you can trust the many influencers who have adopted it to the point of making it their signature.


The vegan bag

Made from eco-friendly materials, the vegan bag follows an ethical logic that eliminates anything animal-based. If you are particularly sensitive to the protection of the environment, opt for this type of bag. You can find vegan leather bags on the market that look just like real leather.



What color backpack for women?

I love backpacks and handbags of all colors and styles: vintage, elegant, fashionable. More gift ideas for women's handbags. We don't always know what color handbag to choose and how to match it with clothes. Handbags are an exciting fashion topic. Here are some ideas and tips to learn more about fashion accessories and yourself. Want to know more about what color handbag to choose?


What color are women's backpacks? 

Before deciding on the color of your handbag accessory, first think about what it will be used for and why you are looking for a handbag. Also, take an inventory of all your bags so you can decide what color you want.

Read more about buying handbags here. Indeed, if you already own a few black and brown handbags, should you opt for an ethnic leather handbag rather than bringing in another one identical to the others? There are rules to follow.

Your best bet is to wear fairly simple clothes and play with colorful accessories, bags, scarves or other jewellery to play up the difference. This rule ensures that no compromises are made. Because it features accessories and the dress can be adapted to any style. Read more about wearing a shoulder bag here.


A backpack color that goes with everything

We love the color of our backpacks, so we dare to choose bright colors, pink, green, red, but not too bright, and choose the main color of the bag. The pattern has substance, style and personality, black, brown. With an emo dress code, you can afford to buy everything in a colorful backpack and give your style a very trendy and chic naughty side.

Because color is a must in every fashionista's wardrobe, express yourself with style. Pink is the trend color of the season. So to maintain an emo style you can choose a pink that fits well with the emo clothing you have discover the cheap handbags.


The perfect emo backpack for the Tenis

The REBEL BACKPACK tennis bag by Taylor Fritz is so practical you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. You can easily pack and unpack the main compartment because you can access it from the top and front. Your racket is protected in the padded interior compartment, while everything else is stored in the various zipped pockets.

The backpack straps keep the bag snug to the body for ultimate carrying comfort on the court, in the city or on the plane. All of these elements have a premium style and an urban feel, with a modern square shape and a clean, contemporary design that matches the RADICAL range of snowshoes.

  • Easy access to the main compartment
  • Padded inner compartment protects your racket
  • Stylish and modern design to match the RADICAL range of rackets


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