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We usually have plenty of sweaters in our wardrobes, but they are more for warmth than for sexiness. Because the big wool sweater is considered as a comfort garment... wrongly? Yes, because it is possible to wear a sweater and still be stylish and create a top look: we show you! Tops, sweaters, sweater dresses or jumper waistcoats, super loose, are the key pieces of the season. What are their advantages? They allow us to stay warm, to feel comfortable and, above all, they camouflage our summer bulges. Loose-fitting sweaters are suitable for all body types: whether you're strong, thin, small or tall... they can accompany you all winter long and can be worn on various occasions! To be stylish, we adopt the loose sweater, with an open or turtleneck, which falls just at the waist, by associating it with high-waisted, wide-leg or elephant-leg trousers. To create a super trendy outfit and look very cool and casual, you can add some masculine shoes, like derbies or flat-soled trainers. To perfectly match the whole outfit, don't forget our mini bag and long coat. We can choose an oversized coat that goes perfectly with the already loose sweater, or we can also opt for a classic fitted coat that will do the job.

Trendy look with a woman's size sweater

Winter has always been the season for knitwear and cosy, comfortable jumpers. But if you're really into fluffy, chic winter clothes, now is the time to arm yourself with some nice sweater size pieces. It's a typical garment for the season, very practical, very good for street style and even versatile, if you know how to combine it. The women's sweater size has many advantages - It is warm and soft, it is loose and does not interfere with movement, and you can wear it as a dress or tunic and combine it with trousers, leggings or a skirt to add texture to your outfit. Some of us think that the women's size sweater has the tendency to enlarge our figures but the truth is that a large sweater wraps us in a soft and feminine way and gives the impression of a slimmer and more fragile silhouette. There are still some risks, but we're here to help you avoid compromising with your style.

Pair the sweater with an emo skirt or jeans for added style?

Keep it simple and don't overdo it

With fitted bottoms

The best idea is to pair your oversized sweaters with a fitted bottom - leggings, jeans or slim trousers. The difference in volume styles the silhouette and adds chic to your look. Ankle boots or trendy trainers are recommended for this combination. If you decide to wear the sweater with leggings or as a dress, wear sneakers for a modern look or long boots to complete your outfit.

With skirt

The pencil skirt is the long pleated skirt that will help you shape a distinguished silhouette. It is best worn with elegant, understated boots or booties.

Choosing the right Emo sweater

Every morning, as you open your curtains, you look up at the grey sky, realise that the mercury is barely above zero and that, to survive this cold, you'll have to wear a jumper (unless you move to the southern hemisphere), whether you're going to work or staying at home. The emo problem is that you're tired of the emo jeans + emo jumper combo and you're desperate to know what to wear with a sweater to stay stylish and feminine. Because choosing and wearing a jumper seems very simple, but there are rules to know... Which sweaters to choose? How and with what to wear them? This time, it's decided: winter will be trendy or not! Goodbye to old, shabby, pilled or frayed sweaters, those that keep you warm but whose look is questionable! We'll help you. We've found some stylish looks for you, with the sweater as the main piece.

What trendy accessories should you wear with emo sweaters for an authentic look?

A sweater can be adapted to any situation: jeans, trainers, boots,... Almost any shoe can be adapted to your sweaters. The choice of the hat, the scarf and the pair of gloves will be important: it will give a real personality to your sweater, and will give you charm and elegance. Don't be afraid to be daring, to bring in touches of color, but don't "overdo" it. The choice of belts to go with your sweaters is very important: they will give you a refined "je-ne-sais-quoi", which structures your silhouette and refines your waist. For example, maxi belts are very popular. First, the choice of sweater: whether you're going to work, a party, lunch with friends or just hanging out, your soft, warm jumper won't be the same. Wool sweaters, for example, are always in vogue every winter: they come in many different colors and can be worn for many different occasions. However, there is one color that will suit you more than the others, and give you a glamorous and refined look: black. You can also choose a cashmere jumper and dress it up with some accessories: the contrast between the classic, preppy look of cashmere and the bohemian spirit of your accessories is often very successful. Don't think that a sweater is a garment that stands on its own: you have to play with contrasts and combinations of clothes. A cosy jumper, for example, will go wonderfully well with chic high-waisted trousers. If you choose an original sweater, the rest of your outfit should be sober, and vice versa... Don't try a "total look", where the same pattern or color is repeated on all your clothes. sweaters not to be chosen are rare: as a general rule, avoid sweaters with a non-homogeneous weave (vertical, raised lines that change shape and width, for example), and certain patterned sweaters (or, worse, with messages!), which are not very easy to wear after adolescence! And if for your wedding you want to give your style more and more scope, you should visit our page with all our Emo Wedding Dresses that will make you the most stylish person at your wedding.
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