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Is the emo men's earring still in style in 2022? What types of men's earrings will be the most popular in 2022? What are the criteria to consider when buying earrings for men?

We're interested in men's fashion, specifically everything you need to know about trendy and stylish men's earrings for 2022. Fashion is one of the most changing elements in today's society. Today's trends could be outdated tomorrow, with emo style gaining in reputation

But fashion is cyclical. Thus, we regularly observe a return in force of the trends of the 70s, then 80s, or 90s. Men's earrings, on the other hand, are timeless and are more trendy than ever in 2022. What may vary is the style of earrings: hoop, chip, pattern, color, etc... A man who wears earrings shows an assertive style and a certain confidence in himself. And self-confidence is THE key trend that has been rising in recent years.

Men who wear earrings are confident in their masculinity and don't care what society thinks. They assert their style right down to the tips of their lobes and express themselves through their jewelry.

From Michael Jordan to Cristiano Ronaldo, male celebrities love to wear earrings. Men's ear jewelry is also synonymous with luxury and fashion knowledge.

What are the most popular types of earrings for men?

Let's find out now the main types of men's earrings that will be popular in 2022.

1) Men's hoop earrings, also known as creoles.

The hoop earring is a classic piece of men's jewelry that is not about to go out of style. Earclips are quite versatile and stylish, and every time you see men's hoop earrings, you can't help but think of David Beckham in the 2000s.

Over the years, many male celebrities have been seen wearing hoop earrings, and they have gradually become among the most worn jewelry among men. Small earrings are more classic than studs and are considered earrings that you can keep on 24 hours a day because they are not uncomfortable to wear when you sleep.

Unlike stud earrings, hoop earrings do not have a metal post that will prick you while you sleep. The smooth surface of the small men's rings means you never have to remove them if you want to.

2) Men's stud earrings, also known as ear chips.

Stud earrings are practically the gold standard in men's earrings, and they are just as popular as hoops. Stud earrings offer remarkable versatility and are available in different sizes, shapes and colors. Stud earrings are made from a variety of materials, from gold and silver to surgical stainless steel and titanium.

Studs are usually the first kind of earrings you wear when you have just had your lobe pierced. They will stay in place for at least eight weeks while your lobe heals, as you risk closing the piercing hole if you remove the stud sooner.

In addition, the ear stud is the perfect piece of men's jewelry for anyone looking for a simple, subtle and elegant look. Often the post used is thin enough to fit any piercing or earlobe hole.

The ornament that is on the stem and seen on the front of the ear is made of different types of materials, including metals such as silver and gold, gemstones or stainless steel.

The ornament can also come in the form of a simple metal round, flat shape, sphere or any other shape. The earrings are locked by the post, either with a stroller-type earring holder or with a screw.

3) Clip-on earrings

Clip-on earrings are a great alternative if you want to wear earrings without having to get your ears pierced. These earrings have a clip-on mechanism or even a hinged flap, and they easily clip onto your earlobe, giving you an instant earring.

4) Men's cross earrings

The cross earring design is the most popular earring style for men today. The cross men's earring often comes in the form of an ear chip (stud earring) or a dangling earring, which is a ring with a cross-shaped pendant hanging from it.

For some people, the cross shows their devotion to the Christian religion or to God. Others simply like cross earrings because they are elegant.

5 trendy earrings

A tiny point of light to illuminate your face, a monumental fashion statement or a stylish and trendy finishing touch, the earring is an essential accessory to many looks, one that can clearly make the difference between a run-of-the-mill outfit and one worthy of a catwalk.

To stay on top of the fashion game, here's our pick of 5 must-have earring trends. 


The first must-have trend in the earrings department is undoubtedly the creole, aka THE earring that everyone is wearing this year. Whether maxi or mini, very sophisticated or more refined, the creole is definitely an earring to adopt urgently.

Among our favorite pairs are the thick but small-diameter earrings, ultra-chic retro preppy spirit, the maxi earrings in hammered metal, bohemian to the max, and also the pearl earrings, whatever they are.

Pearls being another key trend in the world of earrings, we do not hesitate to combine the two by falling for a pair of creoles in white pearls, multicolored pearls, glass beads ... In short, any pearls!

We also add the resin or clay creoles, two materials very fashionable at the moment and most often very light, it is a real pleasure to wear them. If we fall for earrings in this kind, we play the style thoroughly by opting for flashy colors: orange, lilac, fuchsia, royal blue, yellow ...


At the opposite of the trend of pearl earrings is that of regressive earrings, understand earrings a bit childish. They are regressive either by their material, or by their shape, or by their color, or by all that at the same time.

In terms of materials, semi-transparent plastic, polymer resins, clay and similar materials are by far our favorites, especially because they remind us of the creative workshops of our youth, or because they look like the first jewelry we could afford as teenagers.

In terms of shapes, flowers (especially daisies), hearts and other butterflies are at the top of the trend, followed closely by stars and the like.

Of course, we prefer flashy colors like red, pink, green, blue, etc...


Another unavoidable trend in the earrings department, that of jewelry inspired by the 2000s (2KY trend).

The jewels which recall the looks of the singers R'n'B are particularly tendencies, one thus rushes without any hesitation on the earrings hanging in rhinestones and other long chains, ultimate of the style at the time.

We also fall for the small rings with pendants, like charms, that we choose slightly childish preferably. You will find for example easily small rings decorated with cherries, hearts, butterflies ... Just what you need to surf on the trend of 2YK earrings. 


The fashion of the mismatched earrings also made its great comeback: we let ourselves be tempted by the sets of earrings that include three or four different earrings, and not in pair.

A small earcuff on one side, a long and thin chain on the other, a ring ... Play with all the possibilities, just be sure to choose earrings of about the same style, ie we avoid mixing a dangling earring XXL chain spirit on one side with a small ring decorated with cherry charms on the other!

Note that this trend will suit you even better if you have several holes in each ear, to really mismatch your jewelry.

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