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The choker, also known as a scarf is that essential accessory that will protect your neck on cold winter days. Today, scarves are both stylish and functional. Choose the shape that suits you best, depending on your style and how sensitive you are to the cold.


Understand what emo is

Keep an open mind. Ask fifty people who identify as emo what it means and you'll get at least twenty different answers. For a music fan of the last few decades, the only thing that really differentiates an emo from another person is the ability to argue for hours about the difference between an indie emo, a screamo, an emo pop and an emocore, none of which really matter to the rest of the emos.

The term emo has often been used to describe a style of music that has been constantly changing over the last thirty years. It's hard to really define this style, so don't try. The main quality of a good emo? Being open. Don't get bogged down in endless battles about what's a real emo and what isn't. That doesn't make you an emo. That doesn't make you an emo, just a thought bully.

Know what an emo is. Being emo does not mean self-mutilation or self-hatred. These are just common practices among human beings and have been around since the beginning of the human race. Emo is an abbreviation for "emotional hardcore", a sub-genre of hardcore punk that started in the early 80s. In the 90s, bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, Jawbreaker and Jimmy Eat World were coincidentally called emo because of their very "emotional" song lyrics. Since the 90s, the emo movement has also had roots in indie rock and pop punk music. Some of the best known emo bands include Texas is the Reason, Thursday, Sunny Day Real Estate and Cap'n Jazz.

Find out more about the roots of emo culture. The term emo was first used to describe hardcore punk bands from Washington DC who wrote more personal songs about how they felt. Influenced by seminal bands like Minor Threat and Black Flag, bands like Rites of Spring and Beefeater wrote very personal song lyrics in a hardcore punk style that led to the creation of the term "emotional hardcore" which later became "emo." As a result, emo music had an almost unnoticed start before it gained more attention.

In the early 1990s, bands like Jawbreaker and Sunny Day Real Estate began to claim to be emo, although their music had nothing to do with the Washington precursors. Influenced by California pop punk and indie rock, these bands had teasing, personal lyrics and wrote melancholy songs.


The Classic Emo Scarf

This is the choker that you wrap around your neck, made of wool, coarse knit or fur. It is more or less long depending on the number of turns you want. More than a simple fabric that keeps you warm, the choker is also a real fashion accessory, which you can wear in different ways. In the middle of winter, when it becomes difficult to put your nose outside, opt for an oversized woolen choker, which you will wrap several times around your neck.

You'll be warm and cosy. When the warm weather returns and it is no longer too cold, adopt a long choker and let the two vertical lines hang over your jacket after having slipped it around your neck, for a casual and trendy style, which at the same time will lengthen your silhouette. There are a thousand and one ways to wear your scarf so innovate, test it, you won't be able to do without it.


The snood

Derived from the traditional choker, the snood forms a tube, also known as a neck wrap or choker. Elegant and modern, you can choose it in wool or fur, it will protect you completely from the cold. No more draughts, no more problems with the choker unravelling and falling off. The choker is quick to put on and offers a different style to a choker, but just as fashionable.

And the snood has an important advantage: you can wear it as a hood if it starts to rain, by simply rolling it up to cover your head. A very useful trick when you forget your umbrella and don't want to get your hair wet. Not only is the snood practical, but you won't find a better wrap.


Fringes, Twists and Prints: Textural Effects

The shape of a scarf is also influenced by its material effects. A fringed scarf or snood has more volume than a smooth one, giving a bohemian look to your outfit. Twists and other knits add a classic touch and a comfortable softness to winter styles.

For sports and summer scarves, color takes over and reinforces the personality of your accessory, with gradient effects and original patterns, applied to light and functional materials.

Vary the pleasures according to the season and your outfit, by taking advantage of the wide selection of scarves offered by the Headict shop. The winter models are regularly offered with their matching hat and/or gloves. For a complete and stylish outfit, don't hesitate to match your scarf with a beret or a flat cap such as a Kangol 504 or 507 cap, a borsalino, or a leather cap.


A Draped Scarf for emo Style

Fans of scarves as a real accessory that completes an outfit will be pleased to know that there are many ways to wear a choker (just as there are many ways to wear hats). Simply wrapped once around your neck and worn loosely, it shows off your neck and is perfect for any occasion.


If your choker has a good width, you can put it over your shoulders and let it fall down your body in front. This is a very feminine way of wearing the choker and shows off your face and body shape.

Lovers of long shapes will opt for the saltire style: the scarf is passed around the neck and a small knot connects the two ends. Your scarf thus becomes a snood that you can tighten by passing your head inside again. This way you won't lose your scarf and you'll look very emo.

Another minimalist style is to simply let one side hang over the front and one side of your scarf over your back. This style is perfect for lightweight scarves that flutter in the wind! Very modern, this style is also very sophisticated, perfect for the city.


The emo choker: The Fashion Accessory For Everyone!

The emo choker is worn by everyone and indeed, it really does suit all body types and styles. Opt for a sober knot that lengthens the silhouette and brings elegance. Men will prefer to tuck the ends of the scarf inside jackets and coats and wear it fairly close to the neck for an everyday chic look! Wear with a felt hat or hatter as cap.

You can also try classic patterns for your work outfits or if you're all about discretion: the paisley style with its little floral designs looks great on men and women, while the Burberry check pattern is perfect for lovers of British chic! And for even more elegance, wear your choker with a fedora hat in the same colors.


Ladies, you can also accessories your scarf to make it even more feminine if you have chosen it sober. A small discreet or original brooch will enhance your choker: feminine, vintage or with a message, the brooch is reappearing on our scarves and coats!

Of course, you can also choose to match your scarf with your gloves, hats or even shoes. Choose a plain color to wear it all season long or more daring colors if you refuse to be gloomy!


The scarf can also be diverted from its traditional use and is a very welcome source of imagination! Tied around the waist as a belt, the scarf emphasizes the waspish waist! Beautifully tied to a handbag, the choker brings a touch of color if you don't dare to wear it with you.

Hanging on the wrist, the scarf must be thin and if it is well chosen, it will give you a little bohemian summer style. Finally, you can tie your scarf in your hair as a turban or a bow if you like retro styles or inspired by hairstyles found in the tropics.


your outfit perfectly!


Elegant Choker Bows

If you are looking for a chic effect, there are several ways to tie your choker. With a slightly long rectangular choker, the slip knot, a loose version of the tie knot, gives a very clean look that keeps the choker firmly in place in the center for a flawless look.

With a square scarf, a double knot close to the neck is both chic and dynamic. You can choose to leave the panels in front for a very preppy look (remember to 'break' the style with a modern outfit) or on the side for a bohemian effect (for example, one panel in front and one panel behind the shoulder).


For men, wrap the choker around the neck and bring the two panels up from the front over the lap, then slip them into the collar of your shirt. This way of wearing the scarf is ideal with a silky printed pattern.


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