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Emo gloves: an emo style accessory not to be neglected for a good look!

Yes, emo gloves are a wonderful accessory to have style. Nowadays, they are not only worn to protect your hands and keep warm, but also to accessorize your winter or mid-season look.

In short, a nice pair of vintage, black, authentic gloves... will, we promise you, give style and elegance to your silhouette! Zoom in on the advantages of wearing gloves!


Why wear a pair of gloves?

As aesthetic as it is practical, this ultra-desirable fashion accessory allows you to protect your hands against all forms of external aggression. But also, and above all, it allows you to add style to any of your looks! So without further ado, 3 reasons to make you want to wear gloves!


  1. For its practicality

The purpose of gloves is to protect you from the cold in winter or mid-season. This accessory brings warmth and thermal comfort. They are worn in the city with your warm winter look for comfort and elegance of course!

However, nothing prevents you from wearing gloves during the summer season. Thicker or thinner, the possibilities of materials are as unlimited as your desires.


  1. For outdoor activities

Gloves are extremely useful for outdoor activities! Wear this fashion accessory when cycling, skiing, scooting, etc. This fashion accessory avoids the risk of scratching your palm and injuring your fingers during sports activities.

But be careful, we choose our model with taste to protect our hands with style! In leather, sheepskin, colored, plain or printed, you can protect your hands, but with style of course!


  1. For special occasions

A fashion accessory of course, this must-have becomes the accessory to adopt for your chic outings! Silk or leather gloves, we adopt this accessory to emphasize a chic and elegant look. Ideal for a chic evening, a night out with friends or a romantic evening!


5 emo glove styles to adopt to be trendy!


# Sheep mittens

Very sharp, opt for mittens, all soft, made of sheep! Ideal for keeping your hands warm, this pair has it all! Cute as can be, this is the pair to adopt in the mountains, after a great day on the slopes. You're not very fond of skiing and mountains? Wear them at the weekend, in the countryside, for a warm winter walk! In short, we love them and we want them too!


# Woolen gloves

More sober and timeless, adopt small classic woolen gloves. A winter wardrobe essential, this pair goes with any of your looks! Mottled grey, beige, brown or more colorful, we adopt this pair without hesitation! Moreover, wool brings you an undeniable thermal comfort. However, you should know that wool tends to retain moisture.


# ribbed mittens

For an assured cool look, dare to wear mittens! Inspired by the 2000s, mittens give you an ultra-desirable look. These fingerless gloves will certainly keep you cooler, but will give you a lot of style! Don't hesitate to adopt them for a street wear look. To go further in style, dare to wear mittens in acid colors, ultra trendy!


# Leather gloves

Timeless and ultra-chic, we're talking about leather gloves of course! Opt for a pair of lambskin or goatskin gloves, which will make them suppler. Yes, leather gloves are a great way to protect yourself from the cold in style. Wear them with all your winter looks! Smooth, grained or quilted leather, this accessory goes wonderfully with your long wool coats, your maxi wool jumpers or your most chic jackets! For a less expensive version, opt for imitation leather gloves, just as chic!


# Satin maxi gloves

Silk gloves are ideal for a chic evening or even a formal event. This accessory allows you to create an ultra-glamorous look. Black or white, wear your silk gloves with a chic and elegant dress. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, their therapeutic function is also appealing. Cotton gloves can be used to treat sensitive hands or those with minor injuries. The ultimate accessory for playing the grand dame, these gloves have it all and we approve!



How to wear gloves in line with the latest fashion trends?

Leather gloves are timeless classics, but when shopping, it is important to pay attention to their color. If we want to ensure that the accessories we choose will remain stylish for a long time, it is best to choose a style in a classic color.

When choosing this dress, we should also consider the type of leather gloves, especially since there are several:


  • It is mainly intended to protect against the cold, but it is also intended to protect against injury.


  • Driving gloves for easy driving; those looking for such products will love the high-quality napoDRIVE driving gloves;


  • Winter gloves, insulated, with a soft and comfortable lining, for example from the napoGENT collection;


  • Spring gloves without thermal underlay for protection and decoration, such as napoROCK.


Why wear leather gloves

Leather gloves can be worn on a daily basis and can be combined with any wardrobe. The classic glove is particularly suitable for women who want a classic, no-frills but chic look. Tailored trousers are both stylish and practical, accessorising them with a pair of leather gloves will bring elegance to your outfit.

In winter, leather gloves keep you warm. When properly crafted, they provide the comfort your hands need. A wise glove maker will take care to provide his customers with the best of this material that is leather.

For Dents gloves, for example, the cuts and seams have been made by hand for four centuries. The gloves are irresistibly soft and the materials are carefully selected. The classic leather gloves are simple but not lacking in details such as a silk or cashmere lining, a small delicate bow, a fur cuff, and stitching.

For the more fanciful, women's leather gloves come in all colours, black, brown, pink, cherry, oatmeal, indigo blue, fuchsia, etc.

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