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The main color of emo clothing is black. Although sometimes the outfits are confused with the gothic style, emo clothing has its own peculiarities, and incorporates bright and fluorescent colors. Purple or fuchsia pink colors can also be incorporated into the wardrobe. You need skinny jeans (with or without a deliberate rip) or a man's sarouel (you can find them here), and white or black T-shirts with a V-neck. As for patterns, you should preferably use skulls, preferably colored ones. You can also use a hoodie to complete the look. The hood will be the final touch to your outfit. It can be black or striped.


The emo clothes

The style was created (also called scenes) is often associated with a certain type of fashion in relation to the clothes skate. At present, boys and girls often use tight jeans and adherent, they have a long asymmetrical head bangs and black eyes rigged. They are frequent t-shirt adherent representing the favorite group, belt with colored buttons with lighter shades, skater or usually black shoes, reverse or Vans.

The emo clothing draws its roots in the hardcore punk/post-hardcore scene and straight edge eighties Americans (where the emo was born), where the performers followed the skater clothing of this period, that different from the more recent, was based on clothes essentially tight and adherent, tattoos, hair and shirts short or shaved, and in fact there was no trace of fringe function.


Emo style - modern version of the gothic style

Because of their style of clothing Emos are often confused with goths, because fans of both subcultures wear black and dark makeup eyes. Seen only trend, but there are fundamental differences between the two styles.


  • With the Middle Ages affinity of the Gothic style Emos have nothing to do, and therefore can be found in their wardrobe much more elegant, modern things


  • Almost everyone is owned by Emo Hoodie Jacket, so hooded jackets. Hoods are often worn, either pulled loosely over the back of the head or lying on his face.



  • There are hoodies with many models of the Emo scene to buy, but if you configure such a jacket, you are obviously not the only one who wears them. Therefore, it is a good idea just to make such a hoodie himself.



To make your jacket

  1. When the jacket is new, wash them before starting with the figures. Otherwise, it would be a shame if your subject with the first wash distorts, for example, the fact that the jacket penetrates.

As Emo wear the hair blonde - to achieve the look failed. A characteristic of Emos are their long hair, usually black color that you happen ...

  1. Tighten the initially straight dry jacket and place it on a flat surface. Even small bumps could cause you to slide the stylus. Spread the jacket like this, so that you can easily to the whole back come out.
  2. Then you can start painting. Best for your basic design you use a white pencil, because black and white are two basic colors of the scene.
  3. The design itself should be something that makes sense to you. There are many symbols of the Emo scene being: skulls, tears, innocent manga faces, hearts, pentagrams ... Let yourself be inspired by one you like.
  4. Paint your subject in the center of the back. Then take the pink pen to hand and put some accents. To be able to incorporate a pink light reflex into a tear or illuminate the pink eyes in a skull.
  5. Now make with rhinestones again for a striking look. Put them sporadically in places you want to highlight - for example, centered in an eye or on the tips of a star.

If you've glued on the rhinestones, your specially designed Emo Jacket is ready!


Which emo jacket for dark fashion?


Blazer or black leather jacket

Depending on the dark style you want to have you will have to adapt. For example, if you choose black leather jackets are more suited to a gothic, metal or biker style. As for the dark blazer, it is more chic so it would be relevant in a dark academia style.


Wear dark band t-shirts or jackets all the time.

Band t-shirts should be the number one item of clothing in your wardrobe. This is the item you need to have in greatest quantity. After all, an emo is a music fan who wears these kinds of shirts to support the bands he likes. Locally bought music tour t-shirts are best, but you can also wear store-bought or internet shirts. They should be as tight as possible (but still look good on you) and girls can tie the ends or cut out the back of the shirt to show some skin if they want to.

You can't miss this most important basic of any wardrobe. Discover our most beautiful Emo Jeans for a look that goes everywhere while having a unique style.
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