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For shoes, you can put on converse. But the most used are skate shoes like AirWalks or Vans and always dark color, preferably checkerboard. Otherwise you can opt for gothic shoes or, very trendy, creepers.

To hold your pants, you need belts with studs, studs, checkerboard or white color. Piercings are a must for emos, especially those on the lip and the arch. The passionate of tattoos will be able to opt for those of the Asian kind, but also for the stars, very tendencies. Finally, you can put bracelets of black or fluorescent color, with or without nails.

Trendy shoes summer 2022: chic models that every trendy girl and boy must have in her possession

As we've mentioned several times, the 2022 fashion trends are set to be hot and... retro! That doesn't exclude summer shoes at all, and this year we'll see several models making their big comeback. Which ones exactly? The answer in the following images.


In the family of women's shoes trend summer 2022, we also find the clogs that emerge from the closet of the 1970s. A truly shocking return, but one that promises to be a hit among fashionistas. Thanks to the models modernized by the major luxury houses, the clog is the latest fashion fad for women in vogue. Given that it is an oversized piece, we avoid combining clogs with other strong elements. Instead, we opt for a minimalist look by adopting airy materials and floral patterns.


Here is a pair of trendy 2022 shoes that will certainly rock your style this summer. Known as the shoes of the gladiators, the spartiates come-back in 2022 with all their strength, but change their face to adapt to the modern style. It's up to you to choose the model that best suits your preferences: models that end at the ankle or those that go up to the calf ... Flat soles or notched ... the possibilities are endless! Wear the spartiates with a short skirt, a floral dress or the famous retro jeans 7/8. In all cases, do not overload the look.


Long reserved for fishing for children, rain boots have become a fashion accessory in their own right. This season, we offer a mini model, as seen at Bottega Veneta.


If loafers are now in the category of essential shoes, this season, they reveal a whole new identity. Riding the wave of combat boots, they are branded with an identical notched sole. With a classic look or accessorized with a metal chain or buckle, they are the perfect allies for city girls.


Originally, they were worn by Spanish horsemen, then by American cowboys. Since then, boots have come a long way to our wardrobes. Revisited in a multitude of colors and materials, they are imposed with a slightly rounded toe for a less cut-throat silhouette and pointed to remain true to the authentic santiag.

Contrary to what we might think, they easily associate with the fall wardrobe. We wear them with a steamy dress to break a look of little girl wise or with straight pants to energize a silhouette. Just don't wear them with a total denim look or you'll be compared to a cowboy all day long.


To the most classic fashionistas, this is probably the scariest trend on this list. As their name suggests, the "second skin" boots, otherwise known as second skin effect, have the particularity of being very tight, hugging the leg in order to guarantee an ultra sexy walk. We wear them with dresses and short skirts for a very sixties result, another fashion trend of the fall winter 2021-2022. 


This winter, our boots will be white or not. To brighten up the daily greyness, the immaculate boots are our daily stylistic allies. Always in this sixties spirit in vogue, we wear them with a short dress or a mini skirt.

How to get the emo look

Being emo is more than just a style of dress, but it's true that your clothes can help you express your unique personality and musical tastes, while feeling like you belong to a community. The great thing about emo style is that you can change a few things or change everything completely. You can get the right look by adding a few accessories like your shoe or you can transform yourself by dyeing your hair and changing your wardrobe. This article is going to help you add an emo touch to your look, so start reading it now! 


Make a statement with Emo shoes

Make a statement with shiny, cat-headed or star-shaped shoes. Diversify the emo look with heels, slip-ons or simply high tops. Add some color with our selection of Crazy Color dyes or play it gothic with our Mister Jack store.

Back to the roots with vintage shoes

In the 50's, rockers had a lot of class with well-tailored suits and always accompanied by a pretty woman dressed in pin-up style. Get inspired by their look with our vintage shoe store where you will find leather and suede creepers. You'll love the leopard, plaid and polka dot patterns that will give you a rockin' edge! Your vintage shoes will match perfectly with women's clothing from Hell Bunny. Change your look with more shoes with our store kustom fashion for men.

Assert your dark side with gothic fashion shoes.

Step out of the sanctuary safely with gothic fashion shoes and shoe accessories. From the basic black shoe to the more eccentric one with chains, New Rock brand boots will accentuate your gothic style. Ladies, wear the heels that will match with the clothes of the brand Poizen Industries. Gentlemen, confirm your gothic look with Dead Threads pants.

Punk style shoes

Stay in contention with punk shoes! Whether they're high, low or creepers, punk shoes have everything you need to make a difference. Push the destroy look with plaid, leopard or Union Jack designs. Customize your punk shoes with our range of punk accessories. Continue the punk experience with our selection of hair colors to have the best hair !

As you know, for any self-respecting emo, shoes are a very important part of the wardrobe. That's why our collection of Emo Boots is just essential if you want to look great.
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