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Looking for a unique and expressive way to express your individuality and style with jewelry for women or men?

Nothing grabs the attention of others like unique gothic rings. With styles ranging from soft to wild, gothic or emo rings cover almost every style on the spectrum. Gothic rings and style have really taken hold and become popular in all areas.

The big, bold style that was once reserved for bikers or rockers has been embraced by a much wider segment of the population. This certainly doesn't make emo style rings any less appealing, it just gives you more options.

The signet ring becomes a fashion accessory for the emo style 

This traditional ring is increasingly present in jewelry collections. The ultimate luxury is to have your own coat of arms engraved.

The signet ring is passed on from generation to generation in noble families, engraved with the family coat of arms. It is also worn in some brotherhoods as a sign of membership. Far from these traditional considerations, a lot of brands offer today all kinds of designs and reinterpretations with engravings and stones.

This fashion for signet rings that we have been seeing for about three years should become even more pronounced with the knightcore trend carried by Balenciaga and Hedi Slimane for Céline. This is inspired by the outfits and accessories of knights and more generally the aesthetics of the Middle Ages.

But the ultimate is to have a personalized signet ring made. Engraved with the coat of arms of his family of course.

Heraldic or ornamental engraving of a signet ring

The coat of arms can be transmitted to the jeweler by e-mail or worn on site: photo, drawing or even description of the arms. It can also be in the form of a wax seal. Let your ideas of personalization run wild with this personalized gold signet ring from La Couronne. The heraldic engraver then produces an estimate.

His expertise allows him to propose the most harmonious engraving possible according to the ring. For example, for a very busy coat of arms, the smallest plate size is not recommended.

One can also create one's own "coat of arms" if one's family does not have one, with personal elements to be deciphered, such as the symbol of one's native city, cultural, calligraphic, symbolic, spiritual, professional, identity motifs, or why not sports, leisure activities, text, initials, monogram. Classically only the plate (round, oval, rectangular) is engraved. But it is also possible to engrave the sides and the inside of the ring, for example a first name, a date.

Most of the time the signet rings are made of gold. But it is also possible to set them with a stone like onyx, lapis lazuli, agate, jasper. The stone can be engraved.

Be careful not to fall into the kitsch of overloaded signet rings worn by some hip hop stars or gangsters that we see in the movies. As is often the case with jewelry, the signet ring does not send the same message depending on the person wearing it.

Beware also of cultural appropriation with mythological symbols, of distant traditions, that we do not master.

A traditional jewel

The origin of the signet ring goes back to antiquity, to the 16th century BC. It was a symbol of power among the Greeks and Romans. Then in the Middle Ages, the knight's coat of arms engraved in intaglio on the ring served as a seal.

Nowadays, in noble families, its transmission is a rite that marks the passage to adulthood. This social marker is worn from the majority with a certain codification. This one concerns the titles of nobility, but also the way to wear it. On the left ring finger for the eldest men of the family, with his wedding ring if he is married.

On the right ring finger for the youngest and cadets. On the little finger for women. The lower part of the coat of arms towards the fingertips for bachelors. Towards oneself when their heart is taken. It is always in gold.

But With So Many Emo Rings To Choose From, It Can Be Hard To Pick Just One!

Since emo rings cover such a wide range of styles asnd looks, we'll start by taking a closer look at what exactly defines an emo ring, and then cover the best types of emo rings for men.


Emo rings go beyond the bland style found in many plain rings. They usually feature an interesting design, such as a skull, skull and crossbones or an eagle. They may even include a polished stone and surrounding text.

One thing is for sure with these rings: they are big, bold and loud. If you're looking for an emo style ring, you know what I'm talking about.

While emo style goes back hundreds of years, the modern interpretation is definitely updated and takes on a classic gothic look.

This is always the tricky part, isn't it?

It's never easy to choose a ring or other accessory that truly expresses your individuality and style. If you're having trouble, start by finding something that looks great on you.

If you love it and think it's beautiful, why worry about what others think?

It's your ring and your finger, so find something that works for you. That's really all you need.

Here are some emo ring styles we think you'll like:


If skulls are the first thing you think of when you hear the word "gothic", then this is the style for you. The skull is a ubiquitous emo style point that can be worn in a variety of different situations.

Nothing is really as bold or showy as a large sterling silver skull ring. Skulls also give you many options. Don't limit yourself to one skull when a ring full of skulls is more your style.

Want to add a special touch? Get a skull ring with jeweled eyes for a truly unique look. Skulls can work with a variety of jewelry settings and combinations.


If you're looking for something a little more understated and culturally exotic at the same time, a tribal design might be the way to go.

While tribal art covers many genres, the tribal designs found in most modern jewelry tend to follow a particular pattern. Tribal designs can be found on a variety of rings. Just because the style is a bit simpler doesn't mean there aren't still many tribal pattern options.

From jeweled sapphire rings to simpler band style rings, tribal patterns add a unique touch to any ring. You can even incorporate tribal patterns into a cross or skull. Tribal patterns range from sweet to exotic, making it a really interesting look.

In a completely different category but essential, especially for lovers of the Emo style, discover all our darkest Emo Earrings to always have the music in the blood.
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