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You love Halloween costumes and scaring people is your passion. There is no day to dress up. Halloween is all year round. There are marquise rings, emo outfits, skulls and elegant style on every finger. I like people shivering as they walk by, dogs running away and cats ruffling their fur.

You dress emo with makeup that gives you a corpse complexion and witchy eyes. In your emo gear, it's not clear whether you're a punk without ideals or just running away from a terrible horror movie. No matter what people say, Caterpillar makes me feel good. That's all it is. Want to know more. ) To keep the connection active.




Emo Collection

Our incredible emo collection focuses their creativity on a combination of emotions that sees the protagonist as a sophisticated and courageous man with a dark, punk, mysterious but romantic soul. 

Frock coat, corian and frac models, designed for men who emphasize their vanity and specially designed for the Ottavio Nuccio gala. Each suit is made with embroidery and crystals and enhanced with gothic-style metal accessories that give the selection of this line its strong personality.

A collection that favors dark, bold tones and coordination. Exclusive to Ottavio Nuccio Gala for a perfect overall look, the handle and details of the skull and staff are handcrafted with dragons and skulls.

Gothic costumes are suitable for in situ themed weddings, which are necessary for couples who have a lot of personality and want their day to be unusual and out of the ordinary.


Emotional Collection

Modern Italian costume inspired by rock, emo, heavy metal and gothic. Fashionable floral brocade blazers and dinner jackets are made from pure silk jacquard fabrics and luxurious brocade fabrics.

Ideal for alternative weddings, evening or night wear, with music and lots of fashionable atmosphere, brides and grooms who like to dress according to the trends of the day and who are men looking for an outfit they will like is around you. With details like embroidery, rivets and gothic accessories, men's suits and ultra-trendy double-breasted suits allow you to customize a modern look without necessarily being extravagant.


Emo Gothic Coats and Jackets for Women

A women's emo coat is the ultimate emo outfit. Don't wait for winter to find rare gems. Here you'll find the best selection of emo coats, women's gothic jackets and other beautiful pieces to brave the elements.

From black gothic or classic Victorian romantic coats to red plaid neo-gothic jackets. There's something for everyone: long, short, dark and colorful. Create your own style with our selection of emo jackets for women with style. No one matches you.

The most understated elegance is at your disposal, whether it's a night out with your girlfriend, dinner with your lover or work attire. Stay on top of fashion. Winter lasts a long time.

Are you waiting to stock up on good clothes? Express your difference and make your desires come true! Our selection of emo women's clothing is made for you because it is important to feel like a woman and to be comfortable in all situations.


Women's steampunk jacket.

Want to stay warm and trendy with jackets and coats to complete your look? Our timeless jackets and coats in alternative styles are as beautiful as they are high quality and functional.

Simply add one of these great steampunk jackets or coats for women to your wardrobe and you can effortlessly wear your favorite steampunk style all year round.

Stay warm and stylish whatever the weather with our wide selection of steampunk outerwear for women. Steampunk leather jackets, neo-Victorian frock coats for women and vintage steampunk blazers and capes.

Whether you prefer a Victorian lady, a steampunk pirate captain or a modern steampunk style dress, we have something for you.

These jackets come in different sizes. Adorned with details like buttons, faux fur, ruffles, floral lace, D-rings and metal gears, our steampunk jackets for women add incredible style to your steampunk cosplay.

Steampunk fashion and dress is getting a lot of attention these days. Many people, women and men, want to wear the clothes of this culture. One of the main reasons for the popularity of steampunk and emo clothing is its use in many famous novels. Not only is it fashionable, but it fits and keeps you warm.

The women's steampunk jacket collection also includes biker style zip up jackets, casual tailored jackets paired with skinny jeans and tails jackets for a dressy look.

Our extensive collection of women's steampunk costumes offers something unique to complement your personality. Steampunk clothing can be used in any weather except winter.

When winter arrives, protect yourself from the freezing cold with a steampunk leather jacket or steampunk wool coat. A women's steampunk jacket is the best option to enhance your individuality with a nice outfit and protect your figure from the harshness of winter.

Our women's steampunk jackets and coats bring a very cool and emo touch to women's professional outfits. Whether you need steampunk clothing for warmth or fashion, you'll find top-of-the-line items at steampunk-universe.com that have the qualities of both.


Emo costumes

If you're looking for emo costumes for fancy dress, this is the place for you. Everything you need. Gothic, punk and emo clothing and outfits, hats and wigs to cross over with, rings, pendants and necklaces, we have all kinds of accessories for a proper gothic costume.

Next, you need to choose shoes for the perfect gothic costume. If you have a pair, New Rock boots will do the trick. If you don't, check out our Iron Fist sandals and pumps that incorporate the gothic costume with style and originality. Finally, all you have to do is think about the make-up.

Even if your make-up box doesn't contain everything you need, it will only take you a few seconds to find the mascara, lipstick and eye shadow you need. So don't wait: find an emo costume to dress up in now, whether it's Halloween or Mardi gras.

You don't know how to dress for your next prom? We have gathered for you the widest range of Emo Prom Dress. They are made for you!
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