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The beanie is warm in front!

Hats not only offer protection against the cold, they have long been an established winter fashion accessory. Indeed, women's, men's and/or children's hats can add the final, fashionable touch to a style of dress, and we have taken advantage of this trend, as From oversized hats to pom-poms, you can enjoy a variety of shapes with this warm hat. The beanie covers the head, ears and neck to a greater or lesser extent, and may or may not have a brim. Finally, it can be made of different materials.

A short history of hats?

The history of hats is ancient and very old. It is the oldest known form of hat. Its first appearance dates back to antiquity and takes the form of a round hat finished with ears and made of leather or natural fibers. In Quebec, French seafaring settlers were hesitant to refer to the tuque as a hat that complemented a traditional costume. In the middle Ages, the shape of this headgear was elongated and ribbons were added to the sides, giving it the shape of a Western European bonnet. At the time, it was considered an elegant and sophisticated dress. In Russia and Scandinavia, the chapka is more appreciated as a headgear suitable for the extreme cold. Today, the bonnet is a cap made mainly of wool and worn in winter to protect against cold and snow. It can be adorned with a pompom on top for an extra touch of originality.

 Whose hat is it?

Like many hats, beanies are unisex. In fact, they are suitable for men, women and children. What is the recommended hat size? A bonnet is a head covering, just like a hat or a cap. However, unlike a hat, this accessory is generally available in one size and can be adapted to all body types. It is up to you to put this fashion accessory in the right place. The important thing is to choose a model according to the protection you are looking for and the style you want. How are hats worn? This accessory can be worn in different ways depending on the effect you want to achieve and the shape of the hat. For example, it can be pulled over the head or even worn on the back. The cuffed hat also illustrates that the lower part of the model is rolled up for a stylish effect.


To be worn in winter to keep warm or just for style, our goth, grunge, punk accessories will give you a stylish, grunge, goth, nu-goth, rock, punk look. Choose your favorite gothic or LGBTQIA+ hat and show off at manga conventions, metal festivals and on the street. You prefer a grunge-punk style? The simple black beanie, the black fishnet mittens, the striped mittens are for you. Simple and effective. You prefer a nugoth style? Go for an Ouija hat, a Moon Child hat or a black gothic hat from Restyle. They're super stylish, come in different sizes and are unisex. Also pick up a pair of mittens with chains or LGBTQ, a grunge scarf with a barbed wire pattern or a warm Killstar beanie to complete your grunge-goth outfit.

The different forms of emo beanie available to you?

The beanie is a multi-faceted accessory. In fact, there are many variations on this stylish and comfortable piece:
  • A long, oversized beanie with a flowing shape for a modern, urban look.
  • A short, traditional style hat available in a variety of colors and prints to suit both men and women.
  • A beanie hat that combines the comfort and style of a beanie with a sun hat.
  • The Peruvian hat is recognizable by the use of bright colors and a shape with earflaps and braids on the sides.
  • The tassels are on top of the tasselled hat. It is available in classic colors such as black, grey or white as well as more fanciful shades. It is usually a fleece hat to stay warm during crazy skiing.
  • The miki beanie mixes the shapes of the cap to obtain a short beanie. It is a quintessential fashion piece that has been a staple of fashion trends in recent years.
  • The docker beanie has an original sailor style that appeals to both men and women.

Some answers to common questions

Choosing the right hat for your face shape

To achieve a successful look with a hat, start by finding the model that best suits your face shape. Round faces will opt for a geometric style that will break up the roundness of the face, while heart-shaped faces with a wide forehead and a pointed chin will be enhanced by a cap with volume, large mesh or tassels. Oval faces are the lucky ones, as all hat styles suit them.

Which hat for a trendy look?

For a stylish and trendy look with a beanie, choose noble materials. A merino wool hat, for example, will subtly enhance your outfit. Knit caps are in fashion: extra-large knits add character, while very fine knits add elegance and refinement. Turban hats are more suitable for a sophisticated, retro-chic look. Finally, the tassel model remains a safe bet. As long as the pompom is made of wool or fake fur and is close to the size of a tennis ball.

The long hat: the fashionable model!

In wool, cashmere or cotton, the long hat is the star accessory of the moment. Adored by men and women alike, this style of hat ensures a trendy and casual look. We choose long and straight, plain or colored, or looser depending on our face shape and clothing style. The advantage of the long hat is that it can be worn both on top of the head and hanging down. Original hats For a hat that stands out, opt for a hat with original details. With pearls, bows, sequins or lurex stripes, your hat will stand out from the crowd and enhance your outfit for the day. Also, opt for color: powder pink, mustard yellow, green or burgundy. Combining a colored hat with a sober outfit will put your look on trend. And for even more originality, why not dare to wear a cap or a headband?

How to wear a beanie

Of course, the beanie keeps you warm. But it's hard to wear it every day without looking like you're going skiing. Not to mention the fact that wearing such a hat can mess up your hair. So in winter, it's best to wear your beanie on casual days. A black cap with a simple cuff and wide enough to wrap your hair without marking it is a very practical choice. What's more, it will easily match your gloves, scarf and coat. If you're worried about wool irritating your skin, opt for a fleece-lined cap. And your hair won't be electric when you take off your hat. If you want a slightly less sportswear look, but still on trend, other hats will protect you from the cold. The sailor's cap is terribly fashionable this winter; it gives that feminine-masculine look we love so much. If you want to give your style an even more demonic look, you should definitely go to our page with all the Emo Glasses that will allow you to show your true nature.
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