Emo Jean Jacket


Emo Jean Jacket

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Emo Jean Jacket is the best choice for many emo lovers because they want to look different from others.

This jacket is made of cotton and polyester and for regular use. It is a slim jacket with no hoodie. Check some salient features of this jean jacket

  • This jacket is made of cotton
  • Polyester is also used in this jacket
  • It comes with a single-breasted closure type
  • This jacket has a slim model
  • It has a regular sleeve
  • The type of the coat is a vest
  • It is a thin jacket
  • There is no hood with this jacket
  • It doesn’t have a detachable part
  • Cotton is also used in the lining
  • It is available in 39.37, 40.94, 42.51, 44.09, 45.66 and 47.24 Inches chest width
  • It is available in 28.34, 29.13, 29.92, 30.70, 31.49 and 32.28 Inches length

Emo Jean Jacket is available in various sizes so you can easily choose which fits you. This jacket is best to wear at home, office, party and functions. Also, check our other emo jacket styles.

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