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Perhaps you're one of those people who wonder why you'd find stickers on a creative stationery store ? The answer is simple: because stickers are paper!

Printed on paper, plastic or even textile, an adhesive is a self-adhesive that can be applied to other paper, product packaging, an object, a window, a wall, etc. It is made up of 4 layers: the face (paper, plastic or textile), the adhesive, the silicone layer and the protector (also called the liner), which is removed to apply the adhesive.

There are removable adhesives, which leave no residue after two years of application at room temperature on most surfaces. There are permanent adhesives that offer maximum adhesion: those that cannot be removed, and those, depending on the surface, whose film can be heated to soften the adhesive for easier removal.


There are 2 families of adhesives:

The screen printing adhesive, which combines printing quality and economic solution. It is suitable for small quantities as well as for large series. The adhesives in this family, intended for screen printing, allow a wide range of applications (labels, stickers, marking, toy decoration, bibs, tamper-evident marking, POS advertising, indoor and outdoor advertising, etc.), durability (monomeric adhesives for a duration of 2 to 3 years and polymers between 5 and 7 years) and finishes (transparent, white, opaque, metalized, rigid, electrostatic, etc.)

Self-adhesive and labels that offer both technical advantages (resistance to water, extreme temperatures, mould) and great aesthetic qualities. Offering a variety of textures and finishes, this family of adhesives is ideal for creating a strong visual impact over a long period of time and in all environments.


High quality emo adhesives for you

As a paper professional, we select products made from environmentally friendly materials: cadmium-free and PVC-free films, paper from certified forests, FSC® and PEFC-certified suppliers who produce emulsion-based adhesives without solvents or hazardous products, or who limit and recycle solvents.

Geometric stickers, thematic stickers and alphabet stickers dedicated to creative hobbies, manual activities for children and scrapbooking

Wall stickers, furniture stickers and window stickers for your interior decoration.

Wall decorations are very popular, because they allow you to (re)decorate your interior endlessly, by giving relief to your walls and style to your furniture, according to your mood. You will find a variety of themes to decorate your home in our home decor stickers section.

To protect them from light, grease and scratches, they all have a laminating film, which also prevents light reflections and gives a matt, glossy or satin finish depending on the desired effect.

Come on, it's time to go and browse through the deco stickers, and treat yourself, because they go very quickly...


To adhere, they adhere. But these quality vinyl stickers, half cut (kiss-cut), can be removed without leaving any marks. Fill up on sticker art for anything that lacks originality: phone covers, laptops, notebooks, guitars, fridges, windows, walls, skateboards, cars, bumpers, helmets, water bottles, Hydro Flask, computers... They are available on a white or transparent background, in 4 sizes.


The emo professional sticker, an asset for internal communication

Stickers with the effigy of your brand can be an asset for your internal communication. Indeed, they can be used as decorative elements to bring life and well-being to premises personalized with the company's colors.

Your logo, a message about your values, a motivating slogan are sources of motivation for your employees. The atmosphere at work will be improved and all teams will be productive in a positive environment.

They are 100% free to use. You can stick them on windows, walls, doors, accessories, computers and other supplies. To integrate your new employees, prepare a welcome pack consisting of a tote bag, a mug, a pen and personalized stickers.

This attention will be appreciated and your employer image will be enhanced. It is a way of uniting teams and creating unity around the company's values.


It is also an accessory that can be shared with partners, useful for conveying your brand image and leaving a small souvenir. As you can see, stickers can be used in any way you choose.


Your message conveyed by your personalized sticker

This sticker can be personalized with a visual, a message in the colors of your graphic charter. Moreover, your vinyl sticker can be in the shape of your choice. Small, medium, large, round, rectangular, square or other, the cut is not to be neglected.

The square and the rectangle are straight shapes, meaning calm, ideal for structured companies, renowned in their field. The round sticker is a little more artistic, it gives off a more original and innovative image.

You can cut your stickers in the shape of a heart, a dog, a bottle... All shapes are possible. You must succeed in making your values and your product or service understood with a sticker while marking the mind of the target.

To do this, we suggest that you let your creativity speak for itself and print a sticker with an original cut and a unique design. This way, it will have a maximum impact for a minimum cost.


It is an asset for your brand image and allows customers to recognize your brand at first glance.



An emo wall sticker for every room in your home

The emo sticker collection offers the largest selection of emo-gothic wall stickers to help you tastefully personalise every room in your home. The emo wall sticker is indeed ideal to bring to your decoration an emo, gothic or dark atmosphere by dressing your walls with a discreet decorative adhesive or on the contrary with a wall sticker giving a completely different look to your white wall.

Dare to use wall stickers, apply, remove and repeat to change your interior decoration as many times as you like! Our wall stickers give you the possibility to create an emo atmosphere, to change it when you are tired of it in order to keep and assert your style


For all the rooms in your home, from the kitchen to your toilet and your bedroom, our emo sticker collection offers you wall stickers classified by style in this section. So you can choose one of the decorative stickers of the ranges of stickers quote, nature, design and art and many others.

Browse through the different worlds to decorate your home as you wish. You can play with optical effects by choosing 3D or trompe l'oeil stickers. These wall stickers offer you the possibility to work on spaces and to give depth to your partitions, ideal to enlarge your interior and make an illusion!

Your interests can also decorate your walls with the punk artist wall stickers, magical watercolor or darker and gloomy style. For a special occasion or for a party, Ambiance sticker will save you precious time by bringing together all our Christmas, Halloween or wedding wall stickers in a section entirely dedicated to events. 

And to go further in the customisation of your interior, the personalised wall sticker offers you the possibility of inscribing the message of your choice on one of our models carefully selected to satisfy all tastes and to offer you the latest trends.


Gothic wall stickers: your decorative asset!

Do you want to give your interior decoration a fresh look? Ambiance Sticker offers, in its online shop, the widest choice of wall stickers to personalize your kitchen, your bathroom or your bedroom.

With the wall sticker (or wall sticker) that you put on and take off as you wish, you create an interior decoration that reflects your image, which you can modify over time. Whether you choose a flower sticker, a quote or a personalized sticker, the wall sticker is your decorative asset!


As specialists in decorative stickers, we offer the widest variety of categories and styles to meet all your needs. Dress up your baby's room with a name sticker, add a touch of humor to the toilet or modernize the bathroom: all your customization desires can be realized thanks to our decorative stickers.

Browse through our different ranges and be sure to find the kitchen, living room or bedroom wall stickers that suit you. To add an even more personal touch to your interior decoration, you can also purchase personalized stickers from our online wall stickers shop. Our decorative stickers are easy to apply, trendy and economical!


Customize a white fridge with emo ghot stickers

Most fridge freezers are white. Creamy white, off-white or eggshell, they don't do much for our kitchen. So, if this big appliance bothers you, you can customize it with punk or rock star photo stickers.

A must for any fan of the Emo style is of course our Emo Hat that will cover you or give you a great style!
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