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From the projects to the beaches, from Mexico to Iraq, young people have been identifying themselves as emo for years, which continues to confuse people. What is an emo? What does it mean to be emo? Based on complicated hardcore music with aggressive melodies from 80's Washington DC, emo culture has its roots in punk rock, but has since expanded to other styles, sounds and cultures, from indie rock to pop punk.

Emo culture is rich and it's not going away anytime soon. If you want to learn more about its history, music and culture to start participating in the emo movement, you've come to the right place.

 Wearing the long emo skirt: A look that inspires us

The long skirt is the new must-have fashion piece. If you're still not convinced by the trend, we bet that after browsing this slide, your opinion will have changed. Because the truth is, the trendy long skirt, you just have to know how to wear it to adopt it.

How to choose a long skirt?

Like almost all the fashion pieces of your wardrobe, the long skirt has suffered from the passage of time and, with it, fashion trends that keep changing. The result? There are many models. And you are a little lost. What is normal.

First, to be well in its body and in its clothes, it is necessary to choose a skirt according to its morphology and its comfort. You prefer to mold yourself in a long and straight skirt or to lose yourself in a long skirt XXL version? Which model makes you look good? And above all, what are you looking for? This is one of the first questions to ask yourself.

To wear the long skirt, it is to find its style emo

The long skirt fits perfectly with the emo style. It is a mini gift. It is enough to make the good associations and to choose well the model to wear it without fashion faux pas.

Long skirt split or long skirt pleated, two models for two styles. It's up to you to make your choice to adopt a new piece in your set of dressing essentials.

3 cool ways to wear the tennis skirt without looking like you came out of a Decat commercial

We don't really know why, but the tennis skirt has always managed to blur the line between streetwear and sportswear. But do we know how to wear it? Let's see 3 cool ways to do it.

The tennis skirt is not one of those sportswear items that are a chore to put on and take care of. The latter, however, is not easy to combine with our everyday clothes. Especially when you want to take it out of context. Fortunately, we've concocted 3 hyper trendy looks that do the job perfectly for everyday. 

Look N°1 : the tennis skirt at first degree

You want to concoct a preppy look inspired by the 90s? How about looking at the looks that players wore on the courts 30 years ago. Skirt/shorts, white t-shirt, little vest, pair of sneakers... We're perfectly in the theme here with an assembly of all these influences, version 2022, anyway.

Look N°2 : the tennis skirt in town

Same skirt, different situation. In this case, we are looking for an outfit that can allow you to spend a spring or summer day in town while being both comfortable and well dressed. To do this, we chose a green crop top, recalling the elastic band of the skirt, an oversized blazer to level up the look and on the feet, a must-have of the moment: the platform flip-flop. What do you think about it?

 Look N°3 : the tennis skirt streetwear version

Last outfit but not least. This time we mix influences. We keep the same skirt, we add a white shirt to make the look more elegant and we add a hoodie over it to break its too conventional side. On the feet, a pair of high socks obviously, but also and especially white tennis shoes all simple to remind the streetwear side.

How to choose the denim skirt?


Obviously, all the colors of the rainbow are available in denim. But not all of them last. If you want a denim skirt that you can keep for years and that does not go out of style or get tired, I advise you to choose :

  • Raw denim
  • Indigo blue
  • Light blue jeans
  • White
  • Cream
  • Black

If you choose a color that is a bit special, it may not pass the test of time. Moreover, it will be less versatile and more difficult to combine. And since we want an efficient wardrobe here, we'll avoid it! Keep in mind that light colors like white, cream, light blue jeans are more difficult to wear in winter but are sublime during the beautiful seasons. If you must have one, choose an indigo or raw color.

The top to choose according to the length of the skirt

The skirt is a very interesting garment because of its diversity of cuts and styles that it can offer to the outfit. It is also declined on its length. Indeed, there are long skirts light and bohemian or thick and warm. For the first type, it should be associated with tops with a veil or lace effect for a simple yet chic look.

As for the second type, the choice is adapted to the winter season to match with a coat or jacket. After, we can find models of mid-length skirts like pencil skirts. These can be married with a blouse mainly if they are high waisted. We can opt for a casual look with this type of skirt.

Finally, there are the short skirts which are often made of denim or cotton more or less thick. Regarding the top, it will depend greatly on the color and the season. In winter, we can wear a cashmere sweater or turtleneck on a short skirt. But in summer, we will have to privilege a tank top or a T-shirt with short sleeves. To better draw its size, the latter should be tucked into the skirt.

If you prefer Emo Dresses to skirts to never be indifferent in the evening or on special occasions, then we have everything you need.
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