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Youth trends, emo dressing

Clothes, hairstyles, make-up, culture... are you interested in everything that has to do with the crazy look? First of all, you should know that the emo look comes from emo core (emotional hardcore) music. It is a musical style closer to punk rock, but the lyrics are sadder, more personal and less political. To classify them, we can talk about bands like Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Weezer and Good Charlotte.


Shoes and accessories

You can wear Converse shoes. However, the most commonly used skate shoes, such as Air Walks and Vans, are always dark and preferably have a checkerboard pattern. Alternatively, you can choose gothic shoes or trendy creepers. Nails, studs, checkerboards or white belts are needed to hold the trousers together.

Piercings are essential for emo, especially emo lips and eyebrows. Tattoo lovers can choose not only Asian genres, but also trendy stars. Finally, you can wear black or fluorescent bracelets with or without studs.


Jewellery: A trendy emo accessory

A jewel is the opportunity to give a really original touch to your emo style. It can be very original with a casual gothic style, grunge-punk, emo or very simple on a more assertive nugoth or soft-goth outfit.

 Make your choice among our gothic and emo jewels (Killstar, Restyle, Freaky Pin), grunge and punk jewels, nugoth witchy occult jewels, steampunk jewels and pastel-goth jewels.

Discover our grunge, punk, emo and gothic jewellery handmade by Freaky Pink: black and white Ouija earrings, moon earrings, pentacle earrings, Ouija pastel-goth earrings, crystal necklace with real stones, grunge necklaces with razor blades or barbed wire...

 The gothic brands Killstar and Restyle also offer beautiful romantic gothic jewellery and nugoth jewelry: snake earrings, pentagrams, crows, moon necklaces, amethyst necklace, Baphomet satanic goat necklace, witchy bracelet...  For witches, we also have crystal necklaces, real stone clocks, moon and amethyst necklaces, ouija necklaces and triple moon necklaces.

For fans of the more every day and versatile steampunk style, we have steampunk necklaces with gears, key chains or dragonfly chains.

And finally, various black punk necklaces and holographic heart necklaces, grunge spike necklaces, pentagram necklaces with chains, nana padlock necklaces, force spike and leather grunge bracelets to complete your comedy convention or cosplay outfit. Blade bracelet, pentagram, bats, barbed wire, quilster tartan coloured.


An infernal choice of emo jewelry

For men and women! The Little Grim Reaper jealously guards her most beautiful emo-gothic jewellery! The daring mortals who venture here never do so by chance. Welcome to the world of gothic jewellery, where hundreds of terrifying and original creations are waiting for you to reveal their full potential!

As the undisputed specialist in punk, rock and gothic jewelry, La Petite Farceuse puts its majestic reputation at your service and is committed to finding you, at last, the fetish jewellery that will accompany you faithfully throughout your life.

Rings, earrings, brooches and other chains and necklaces are suitable for both men and women, for the adventurous young goth as well as for metal heads and bikers looking for a radical style.  All the traditional jewelry in a 100% gothic version.

Why should jewellery be reserved for a rather conventional style and not for other forms of fashion? Often it doesn't take much: under the skilful fingers of the Little Grim Reaper, a pinch of modernity, a dash of steel and a beautiful macabre or demonic motif can transform the most boring jewelry collection into an arsenal straight out of the underworld!

No piece of jewelry is left out, and you will be able to adorn yourself with the most beautiful gothic jewelry from wrist to ear. Of course, the ring remains the most important purchase to make, whether you are a man or a woman. Highlight the darker side of your personality: I prefer something thick and flashy in the form of a signet ring.

Or conversely, in the form of much more modest and delicate rings, punk or gothic rings are now a must. As a very popular accessory, they are very popular. People who don't enjoy the thrill of going out with their heads sometimes. Death at hand? Earrings reveal their versatility and take shape

If your thirst for discovery doesn't stop there, then consider taking a look at the rarer, but still original, gothic jewellery: a delicate bracelet or a watch, when wrapped around the wrist, can do a lot to give consistency to your look.

Not to mention the incredible charm of a necklace or a chain with a pendant around the neck... Even a simple metal brooch attached to an item of clothing has its role, and can turn, for example, a simple biker into a seasoned biker! Such is indeed the power of the black magic practiced by your favorite red-haired mistress...



Emo jewelry made of metal or leather pushes all limits.

Still need to convince you? 316L stainless steel, the most common material. Over the years, our huge shop has established itself as the king of metal in the field of gothic fashion. Steel, which used to be strong, durable and easy to work with, now makes all the madness possible that its creators could not.

In noble materials like gold and silver. If you want to keep the natural shade of grey, depending on the surface chosen, the metal can appear matt or shiny. But steel also has the possibility to change at will after painting, assuming black, golden yellow and even blue coatings.

Ionization process. The luxurious gothic jewelry lined up in the shop is not just steel! Frequently sought-after copper imitates the look of copper beautifully and of course there is the pleasure of admiring the various brass models.

Leather or imitation leather jewelry that offers all the warmth and softness that metal does not always provide.


A variety that will make you dizzy, and fill you with dread

Be warned: death is omnipresent during our macabre assembly of gothic, emo, punk, metal and biker ornaments. Once you have presumptuously set foot in the Grim Reaper's inner sanctum, the patterns and designs of death heads, skeletons, satanic figures or mythological individuals from the fires of Hell will live in your dreams and nightmares for the rest of your life.

Beyond the most legendary accessories of the goth territory, such as the spiked wedding ring or the signet ring with steel spikes, the themes are of an antinomy and a selectivity excepted in the past: angel wings, spiders, funereal butterflies, sea anchors, clan or esoteric signals, Celtic questions, fleur-de-lis, pyramids or Maltese questions take turns to present you with a recapitulation of a striking dissimilarity

Will you be able to insinuate a wise fragment between this quantities of ogival ornaments in eternal renewal? Before formulating a package, don`t forget that our advisors are available to help you choose the fragment of the epilogue that will suit you best...


The temple of cheap and high quality gothic jewelry

There is no doubt about it: with such low prices, it would be criminal not to give in to the temptation and resist the spell of the Little Reaper's gothic jewelry. An extraordinary price, a fast delivery, a dedicated customer service, a quality never questioned: what more could you ask for, and what are you waiting for to pledge your allegiance?

Once again, we invite you to discover our collection of Emo Rings to see all of our most famous Emo jewelry.
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