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For the record, the men's sweatshirt originated on the university sports fields in the United States in the 1920s. Considered at the time as a "sweat shirt", its function has changed! After many ups and downs, it made a comeback in the 2000s and is now increasingly appreciated by designers.

Indeed, there are many models of men's sweatshirts. No more clichés! Hoodies are not just for teenagers or skateboard fans. They are worn at all ages and allow you to create outfits that are a hit!

Plain, with logo, printed, or message... there is something for everyone! For a trendy result, blue, grey and burgundy are the basic timeless colors that can be easily combined with the clothes in your wardrobe. The flashier colors are more suitable for a younger population and are particularly appealing to teenagers.

Zip-up hoodies are more versatile and allow you to play with fashion by layering your clothes. For example, you can open your sweatshirt over a nice t-shirt. This layering technique is very trendy!

The classic hooded sweatshirt without a zip and with a kangaroo pocket lends itself to sportswear or casual chic looks. But it's also full of surprises and can be played with more formal or dressy pieces to create an offbeat look.


Cover up with a gothic hoodie for men with an emo look!

For an authentic emo look, the hoodie is a no-brainer. It is often accused of being shapeless, soulless and generic. But once in the capable hands of the little

Reaper and his army of seasoned designers, the men's hoodie is transformed and transformed into a new look.

It adapts superbly to gothic fashion, in a festival of dark colors and scary patterns!


Beware, the men's hoodie has not said its last word

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, for a night out with friends as well as for sports, the hoodie is more than just a fashion phenomenon: it meets the need for simplicity and versatility that many men feel on a daily basis.

Made from 100% cotton and with a very careful cut, the Little Reaper sweatshirts assert their high-end identity in terms of quality of manufacture.

Above all, these black or deep grey garments respect to the letter all the codes of the punk and gothic spirit: enough to satisfy the early adopters as well as the amateur biker or the metal head at heart.


A direct and dazzling aesthetic, not to be put in all hands!

Don't hide it anymore: the world of death and darkness has fascinated you for a long time now. Our collection finally gives you the opportunity to reveal this demonic tendency in the open. From the front or the back, our emo hoodies depict terrifying dragons surrounded by the flames of hell, werewolves howling under the full moon, skulls surrounded by macabre symbolism and many other surprises.


The Women's Hoodie

Good news for hoodie addicts, this fashion piece once reserved for the casual wardrobe is becoming a must-have. Adopting the hoodie in the city is becoming an art. If you get it right and pull off this style exercise, you'll look ultra-stylish.

But how do you wear a hoodie this winter? What to wear a hoodie with? Mes Habits Chéris gives you its fashion tips.


The hoodie: a new urban fashion trend

The hoodie is the cool and relaxed sweater that can be worn at home or in sportswear mode. Comfortable and loose, it allows you to be comfortable in your movements and to be warm.

With the retro fashion trend of the moment, the hoodie has managed to come back to the forefront, and this in ultra-urban looks. Thanks to nineties fashion, we can now wear our trendy little sweaters in the city. Indeed, branded sweatshirts and message sweatshirts are everywhere this winter.

For a successful style, we feminize our look by associating our hoodie with very feminine and fitted pieces. The right mix of casual and chic pieces....

If we follow the strong trends seen on the Fashion Week catwalks, you must choose an oversized hoodie at all costs! It's one of the key pieces for winter.

You can also choose to wear a zip-up hoodie for a sportswear feel. We recommend a grey, nude or black hoodie. By choosing a neutral color, you will have an easier time creating style combinations.


How to wear a woman's hoodie for a chic look?

To upgrade the sportswear style of the sweater, we opt for a blazer over the hoodie?

With a visible hood and a sweater worn under a fitted blazer, everything comes together for a smart and casual mix. Don't necessarily go for a black blazer... Black is very chic but you can also wear a tartan or hounds tooth printed blazer, which will make you look even more like a fashion pro!

In winter, you can also opt for a long black coat, destroyed jeans and high heels to feminize your outfit.


For a Rock Chic Look

This is the perfect fashion piece to create a sublime rock chic look. Which top to wear with the hoodie for a rock look?

The ideal piece is a denim jacket over the hoodie. Denim has the ability to immediately give your look a bit of a rebellious edge.

If you choose a piece that is a little more elaborate, such as a studded denim jacket or an oversized denim jacket, you'll be able to pull off the style exercise with flying colors.

You can also pair your hoodie with a slim-fit or 7/8th slim-fit trousers (the most popular cut for rock looks). Go for a pair of faded grey jeans or black jeans. Another option is skinny leather trousers!


For a chic sportswear look

Want to keep the sportswear spirit of the hoodie?

Wear a cap, it's an ultra-trendy accessory this year. As for trousers, take a pair of jogging pants or jeans and wear them with trendy trainers such as Dad Shoes, sneakers etc...


For a street wear look

For a perfect street wear look, nothing could be simpler than to slip on a chino or jeans with a trendy cut. Wear fashionable trainers and simply add a feminine and chic piece such as a long straight coat or a blazer.

For example, you can layer a long white shirt under your sweatshirt to give it some style.


Some emo pieces that match an emo hoodie for men

Here are some examples of emo clothing pieces to have in your wardrobe that match perfectly with a hoodie:


  • The emo denim jacket: faded or raw blue, it is perfect with a black or military hoodie.
  • The leather jacket, perfecto style, classic or vintage
  • The bomber
  • The thin jumper to put under a zip-up hoodie
  • A long t-shirt or tank top to layer with a hoodie
  • The basic cut t-shirt in a plain color or with a pattern or message
  • The chic long or mid-length coat
  • The trendy checked shirt to tie around the waist for a trendy and rebellious look.


What to wear a hoodie with?

The hoodie is a piece that allows you to shake up the codes and therefore easily compose many styles. So treat yourself!


A sportswear look with a hoodie

As we said earlier, you need to mix and match to achieve a trendy sportswear look that looks good. For this, we opt for a grey hoodie with kangaroo pockets, light blue washed skinny jeans and white trainers. A simple and effective look!


Casual chic with a hoodie

With a hoodie, it's easy to create both casual and chic styles. For a stylish look, opt for a long camel coat over a blue hoodie. Slip on raw skinny jeans and suede boots in the same colors as the coat. For an offbeat and trendy outfit, if you want, you can add a cap!


A cool and trendy look with a hoodie

Choose an oversized black hoodie with a pattern and mix it with a pair of fitted jeans. Put on a large t-shirt that subtly protrudes from the sweatshirt, and trendy trainers. Finish with accessories that add a touch of originality and consistency to the outfit: a cap and a long silver necklace with a pendant.



A few rules for choosing a hoodie

There are a few rules to keep in mind when choosing a hoodie to avoid fashion faux pas:


  • Choose the right size: the shoulder seams should fall at the ends of your shoulders. When you stretch out your arms, the sleeve length should cover your wrists


  • Pay attention to the quality of your hoodie. Wearing a hoodie that doesn't look good will make you look sloppy from the start. Choose a sweatshirt with a dense material and with very neat seams and finishing touches


  • Avoid extra-wide or oversized cuts (no more than one or two sizes larger than you are) which completely drown out the silhouette, especially if you are very thin and/or small


  • If you try the risky blazer/sweatshirt combination, make sure your jacket is darker than the sweatshirt and wear a lighter t-shirt underneath



  • Beware of overly 'childish' designs or messages that may decorate some hoodies. It's stylish for teenagers, not so much for adults


  • Mix the sweatshirt with more dressed-up or trendy pieces to avoid a total "tracksuit" look that lacks style, except for going to the gym







Do you want to test the Emo style before you really see if you like it? Then you should definitely check out our Emo Costume collection and see if this style is for you!
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