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Excellent hats and fashion accessories will complete your look and give it an original touch. Make a statement with this fashion accessory and set the trend by wearing your new beret your way.

You can wear the player and enjoy the style. If you want to embrace chic and fancy outfits, choose to raise the brim or not. Here's a great emo hat that combines convenience and comfort while maintaining the original emo look.

The word comes from Old French and means "head". Its history dates back to ancient times with the soria, straw headgear worn by Greek women. It was also used by men to determine their social status in the middle Ages. Today, fashion has conquered it and its use has been democratized, thanks in particular to women bloggers.

From fictional characters like Mary Poppins to music industry artists like Bruno Mars and Pharrell Williams, everyone loves this fashion accessory.

Whether you're a hat person or not, there's always a hat to suit your face shape and hairstyle. From trilby to bowler hats, we've got hundreds of must-have hat styles to keep you up to date with the latest fashions.

Catch the emo trend. A steampunk hat is an essential accessory to personalize your emo, steampunk or cosplay costume.

No emo or steampunk costume is complete without a Victorian inspired hat. A classic hat or beret, from wool felt or leather hats for men to mini fascinator hats for women.

Beyond that, there is a wide selection to choose from. Buy steampunk hats online from bestsellers in a variety of styles and prices. Aside from disguise, these styles of accessories can be worn on a daily basis, including classic, understated and functional headwear.

You can start with plague doctors, cowboys, fairies, superheroes, pirates, vampires and other themes. A witch's hat, a bicorn, a western Stetson or sombrero, a chapka, or a simple straw hat then form the basis of the rest of the costume.

You can choose your style: Set Diesel punk or Gothic as the base and combine it with emo accessories to get a unique and really original costume. The most important thing to remember about this costume is the moderate use of some emo elements. The effect is nice, stylish and nice enough to make an impression.


Choose an EMO bottle.

To match your typical Victorian industrial or vintage EMO costume, choose a simple black Victorian trilby to embellish. Think glasses, leather trim, buckles, chains, gears and other industrial products for gluing and stamping. Another option is to buy a pre-made steampunk hat and join a steamer who trusts us.

A hat is more than just an accessory that protects us from the weather. More than just a cute item to display or tell a story... They reflect your personality and give your style both elegance and wow factor.

Nothing completes the retro-futuristic Victorian look like a stylish emo hat. Each of these hats is cleverly designed in a stunning emo style. You can find all sorts of hat styles here.

All clearly emo. Whether you're looking for a women's riding hat with a gimmick or a men's hat with the latest and greatest wheels, you'll find it here. These charming hats are a great addition to almost any look the Emo shop allows.

Whether you're a brilliant engineer, a steam engine mechanic, or a prominent nobleman, these hats complement almost any ensemble. Other features adorn many of these hats, and they also feature designs that will make emo fans laugh as they go from simple and if you want to know more, read our blog posts, especially our articles on emo hats, steampunk cosplay for women and steampunk costumes for men.


Dare to wear EMO DECORATION HEADWEAR all year round.

Retro-futuristic and trendy hats are among our favorite accessories and adaptable for all seasons. Wide-brimmed hats and fedoras have recently come back into emo fashion.

It's an accessory that instantly adds interest to any outfit and can also be a quick and easy addition to your outfit. The most common misconception about hats is that only certain famous people wear hats. This means that you can wear it. Nothing could be further from the truth! Here are 6 tips on how to wear a hat that suits you.



  1. First, choose a hat that looks like you! It should fit snugly on your head and cover most of your forehead.


  1. For many tried-and-true styles, choose hats that you think are suitable for all seasons, such as classic fedoras and wide-brimmed hats. These classic styles are timeless and easy to wear.


  1. Hair and hats are important. Wearing a long, loose, wide-brimmed hat will enhance the natural texture of your hair. A low ponytail and loose braids are the perfect hairstyles to wear with a hat.



  1. Hats are not seasonally appropriate. Paired with a summer dress and a worn-out haircut, a felt hat can easily change from spring to summer


  1. Keep the rest of the accessories and the basic details of the outfit for easy styling. A hat is not enough. You don't need to use different accessories to balance your outfit and focus only on your head. To do this, use colorful reminders with handbags, bright jewelry or gloves and shoes.


  1. Confidence is key. Attitude plays a big part, adopting a different look in your clothes. Remember that people don't know how to dress anymore.
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