How to wear emo belts?

The belt is worn according to your style but also to the look you want. It adds value to a basic garment by giving it an edge. It can also transform a classic product such as a trench coat or a suit jacket into a more fashionable piece.

On a classic, wear your belt through the loops of your trousers or shorts with your top tucked into your bottom. On a dress, place it over your hips and adjust it as you wish. If you have a small waist, emphasize it as much as possible. If you have a small belly, place your belt slightly loose and make your dress blouse. This is called playing with volume.

For a trendier look, you can opt for a high waist or wear a knotted belt as seen on the catwalk.

Remember: don’t wear your belt on your hips if they are wide. Instead, place it just above your hips to slim them and draw attention away from them. Don’t hesitate to emphasize your waist or play with your belt and your clothes to fluidify your silhouette.

What is emo style?

Emo (also known as emo core) is a style of punk music with a distinctly political atmosphere and hard-hitting lyrics emphasizing catharsis and self-expression. The genre originated in the Washington, DC hardcore punk scene in the 1980s, known as “emotional hardcore” or “emocoa”, and was pioneered by bands such as Rites of Spring and Embrace.

Its roots are deeply rooted in the post-hardcore scene, the straight-blade movement and the summer revolution. In the 1990s, emo evolved and merged with other punk musical trends such as pop-punk and indie rock through forms such as Jawbreaker and Sunny Daily Estate.

The term emo is used to refer to a musical genre that emerged in the 1980s during the punk wave, whose followers dress in black and wear make-up without differentiating between the sexes.

Example: Male emo fans can wear skirts and eyeliner.

Wear a studded belt

A studded belt is a must-have in your emo wardrobe and will look great whenever you wear it. Choose a black, white or fluorescent belt with metal studs. The belt should be very thin. This allows you to wear two or three at a time for a more interesting textured look.

However, keep in mind that these belts are not to be used to hold up your trousers. They are for decoration.

Leather and leatherette belt: the ultimate emo experience

In pink or in other bright colors for the ladies, but also in the most beautiful black: the little reaper definitely has a point to make with all those who are looking for an original belt worthy of emo thinking. You can achieve a daring marriage between leather and imitation leather.

By emphasizing the geometric patterns, you give birth to a totally incredible style that fits all your emo clothes.

why do we think belts are the right accessory to differentiate yourself and assert your emo look?

The right accessory is one that allows you to show your difference without dazzling your neighbor with outrageous details.

We believe that we must maintain a balance between the part of our psyche that encourages us to respect order and the rebellious part that encourages us to express the strong and differentiating features of our personality.

For this we thought that the right accessory could be a belt.

Because a belt is at the same time the most expected, the most accepted and the least surprising accessory. Indeed, in France today: 61% of people say they wear a belt every day or almost every day (84% when it comes to men only, and even 58% among the youngest between 18 and 25). So, if you choose a belt rather than anything else to make a statement, it won’t be interpreted as ‘going off the rails’.

A belt is also the accessory where there is probably the most room for innovation.

Indeed, we must admit that the current offer of belts is very boring. The main players in consumer fashion have not shown any interest in them. For jeans, sunglasses, hats, socks, yes we have a plethora of offers, specialized brands and even concept stores. But when it comes to belts, nada nada nada. Finding an original and unique belt is almost a feat.

The offer is often limited, especially in terms of colors or materials. It is poorly presented in shops: most of the time it is relegated to the back of the shop near the fitting rooms, as if the only reason for their presence was to facilitate fittings in the room. The offer is very fragmented: there is a bit of everything from everyone, so to speak, so that if you are looking for a specific model: for example, a baby yellow belt to go with your pumps or a red belt to match your socks, it probably exists but you will probably never manage to get your hands on it.

why is the belt the most important accessory for your look?

Marc Jacobs says: “Dressing is a form of self-expression. There are clues to who you are and what you wear.

So, let’s face it. Most of what we see in magazines is a clue. And have you looked at the tabloids and repeatedly admitted that it doesn’t matter unless we are stars? In short, the style and the challenge of fashion is to rely on ‘clues’.

It makes a difference, so to speak, a clue that makes a difference without overtaking us.

Several accessories are part of an emo dress code. In addition to emo belts (Leather Belt Checker Punk Rock Emo, Men Women 3-Row Metal Studded Pyramid, Rhinestone belts for women, PU leather belts for men), you also have: emo bracelet, piercings, buckles for handbags, black or fluorescent nail polish, black glasses with thick frames and finally Perfect your hair and makeup in an emo style so… black color (Dye your hair black or platinum blonde).

As for the belt, let’s not forget that there are also emo belts for therapeutic purposes such as: Emo Lumback cool lumbosacral belt T-m grey.

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