How to dress like an emo girl?

Along with different styles of dress, clothing is a great way to express oneself for many people even the emo community is no exception. It’s a more relaxed and romantic style than its cousin the punk style, and it has its origins in certain themes like bitterness, grief and introspection. So, by dressing up as emo, you show that you are smart and cool

Buy vintage clothes.

Vintage cuts and patterns will work well with the emo image, so second-hand shops would be a great place to find what you need as well as saving money. Look for clothes with patterns like polka dots, plaid or checkerboard.

Choose 70s jackets. They’re a popular accessory for emo girls, and they work with anything you can wear underneath, like vintage 50s dresses, especially halter or trapeze dresses.

Choose your colors.

Look for subdued colors rather than bright or pastel colors. Black is of course an important part of any self-respecting emo wardrobe, but you can wear other colors too. Find something classic or in gem shades. Indeed, there are no rules when it comes to colors, if you like something, wear it. Then you can always use accessories of different colors with your clothes.

Stock up on dresses.

Generally, emo girls dress in different styles: knitwear and tunics or trapeze dresses. You will need to buy dresses that fall into one of these categories.

Your dresses should include cool details, such as a lace-up bodice or corset, and if you like skirts, you can try buying short pleated ones.

Add leggings.

Indeed, it can sometimes be difficult to wear dresses, especially in winter. So, to adapt your look to the season, you can wear leggings or tights with light colors, stripes or with interesting textures, e.g. net.

It would be even better if the tights or leggings have holes or you can also choose to wear leggings or tights with short skirts.

Wear comfortable T-shirts.

T-shirts with a message is a great way for emo girls to express themselves. You should buy a t- shirt of your favorite band or with a quote that has some meaning to you. Similarly, hoodies are also a great way to express yourself in winter. But they should be well cut and not so large that you are swimming in them.


T-shirts and hoodies can be paired with well-fitted, slightly worn jeans. You can wear a pair of striped socks to add to your style.

Wear the right shoes.

Among the different types of shoes, Converses are perfect shoes to bring out the emo style. That’s why they are the most popular shoes among emo girls, closely followed by Vans. Both styles of shoes look great with trousers, dresses or skirts. And if you want a slightly more feminine look, opt for ballet flats.

However, if you want to make your shoes more fun, try replacing the original laces with more colorful ones.

Wear accessories.

Emo accessories are more complex because emo style is mainly based on a mix of cute things with more hardcore things. So, you can buy a headband with a bow and a studded belt. And to get a better effect, wear more than one belt at a time and if you have piercings, feel free to show them off.

You can wear thick bracelets; they are also very popular among emo girls.

Dye your hair.

You don’t have to change your hair color just because you want to look emo, but if it’s important to you, there are many colors available. In fact, most emo styles are centered around jet black, platinum blonde or a combination of both.

You can add very light highlights if you have naturally dark hair. And if you have light hair, try adding darker highlights.

Similarly, you can also dye the hair with brighter colors. Purple, red and pink are very popular colors, so you can also choose the color you like best. And if you’re not ready to change your hair color right away, or if your parents won’t let you, you can experiment with a dye that fades when you rinse it out.

Try using highlights that are less conspicuous in color. So, buy colored extensions that you can hang on your hair.

Cut your hair.

There are many haircuts but some haircuts are more strongly associated with emo culture. These include the straight cut with very defined edges and cuts with visible layers.

Try a diagonal bob if your hair is short, but if you have long hair, try adding layers to the sides.

Some people often think that it is not possible to be emo with any hair texture other than straight. This is not true as there are emo girls with curly hair.


Give volume to the hair at the top.

This is a popular haircut in this culture that you can achieve without even cutting your hair. To achieve this, simply take a strand of hair from the back and comb it back towards the roots until the top of your hair has a bit more volume. And be careful not to overdo it or you could damage your hair.

Once you’ve given your hair enough volume, let it fall back into a loose ponytail.

Embrace the fringes. Generally speaking, the signature look of emo girls is fringes. They should be heavy, thick and stylish. However, you cut it, it should be long enough to touch your eyebrows or even so long that it covers part of your eyes. This allows you to hide behind it when you are feeling sad.

Highlight your eyes.

The eyes are the reflection of the soul and for emo, they should be the center of attention on the face. Use eyeliner or kohl to highlight them without fear of being too heavy-handed.

However, if you are not allowed to wear make-up to school, don’t worry. Save it for a special event like Halloween. That way you can still dress up as emo without wearing make-up, it’s not compulsory.

Do not touch the rest of your face.

Since the eyes are the center of attention for emo people, the rest of your face should not be touched. Try adding a little pale or neutral lip gloss to make your lips stand out. You can also give them a little more color by adding a little blush.

Have fun with your nails. Nails are also an important part of the emo look, so let your creativity flow. Paint them a dark or light color or alternate between the two. If you have the money, get fake nails to make them last longer.

In conclusion, dress as you like, even if you want to dress in emo, because it will make you happy. But if you, do it to join a group, it’s not good for you. So be yourself and choose clothes that reflect your personality.


  • Be creative with your style. The more unique you are, the less you will look like the stereotype. A unique style is what makes the difference between a true emo and a show-off.
  • Draw on your stuff! Buy permanent markers, fabric paint or pens and write messages or draw on plain t-shirts or even a pair of old Converses. Draw anything you like: hearts, skulls, stars and even a phrase that describes you. You could also write the names of all your favorite bands or songs or even get your friends to write on it. Make it look disorganized, crazy and colorful. Write the lyrics to your favorite songs on them or paint them with spray paint. Use stencils and have fun!
  • Don’t overdo it, as you might get labelled a goth or even worse, a show-off. Just be yourself.
  • Design your own Converses on their website to make them even more unique

In a nutshell

There are many accessories that are part of the emo dress code. In addition to the bracelet, you also have: an emo belt, piercings, a buckle, black or fluorescent nail polish, thick-framed black glasses, and finally complete your hair and make-up in emo style, therefore… black (dye your hair black or platinum blonde), T-shirts of musical groups

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