How to dress like a emo?

Origin of the emo

Emo (également connu sous le nom d’emo core) est un style musical de musique punk aux paroles expressives, très politique et axé sur la catharsis et l’expression de soi. Le genre est né dans la scène punk hardcore de Washington, DC dans les années 1980, connue sous le nom de “hardcore émotionnel” ou “emocoa”, et a été lancé par des groupes tels que Rites of Spring et Embrace. Il trouve ses racines au cœur de la scène post-hardcore, des mouvements straight edge et des étés révolutionnaires.

Clothing, hairstyles, make-up, culture… Are you interested in all things emoruk? First of all, you have to know that the emergence of emo comes from emo core music (emotional hardcore). It is a style of music similar to punk rock, but the lyrics are sad, more personal and less political. To classify, you can talk about bands like Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Weezer and Good Charlotte.

Want to know how to dress like a Goth? Looking for a step-by-step guide on how to do it? Or are you a high school or college student and want to try on some gothic clothes?  You’ve come to the right place. We talk positively and intensely about it. We will answer your questions.

While many consider this type of subculture to be new with many followers, emo emerged in the US in the mid-1980s, is closely related to music and is a descendant of hardcore punk. Yes, it’s supposed to be your own style.

The lyrics of their songs are very emotional and are known as emotional hardcore to distinguish this band. If you like their look, hair and makeup, we’ll give you a quick guide on how to dress like an emo.

Why do emos have this style? What do you want to know?

First of all, it is necessary to understand that gothic people have different world views of their own. In fact, they are very often apart. The richness of emo culture is fundamentally different from the crowd. And so, we understand the relevance of the style.

Goth often chooses black clothing with a romantic, Victorian, cyber-gothic aesthetic and more.   Everything that refers to the dark and sinister are important themes, which do not need to be hidden. It is also about seeing beauty in everything, even in the dark things in life.

So gothic people have this style because it allows them to express who they are inside through their gothic clothes.

What are the most popular clothing styles?


Batcave was originally a nightclub on the British side. It was the first place where emos met to hear rock music. Batcave is also a musical genre of the same name.  It is thought to be the first gothic style to exist. It has a gothic tone that uses mainly black. Some of the characteristics of this style are:

  • Luxurious hairstyles (parting, coloring)
  • Lots of make-up for men and women
  • Large, perforated and damaged hair
  • Tight trousers
  • Lots of piercings and tattoos

Romantic Gothic

The Romantic Gothic style is inspired by the romance of the 19th century and the fashion of the time. Romantic goths have a tendency towards Victorian black. The most common disguises are:

  • Black long dress with lace
  • Clothes with many aesthetic patterns
  • Hat, Umbrella, Lace corset
  • Elegant hairstyle inspired by aristocrats

Medieval Gothic

Medieval emos collect clothing and jewellery that relate to the Middle Ages. Sometimes there is a pagan influence that reveals a certain originality. You will often be faced with the:

  • Medieval gothic dress
  • Large bonnet
  • Medieval ornaments
  • Ancient jewellery

Cyber Gothic

Cyber emo movements are a particular style. In fact, it covers many styles and its classification is controversial. What can be said is that it is inspired by cyberpunk, ravers and emos. As a result, cyber emo often prefers techno and similar music. The clothes are meant to create effects that are aimed at the future time. Some of the most common cyber emos are:

  • Colorful clothing
  • Colorful and atypical haircuts (synthetic dreadlocks)
  • Androgynous (slight visual difference between men and women)
  • Science fiction inspired accessories
  • Fluorescent materials and accessories

Metallic Gothic

This is also explained here. Be careful not to confuse the metal head with emo. Nevertheless, some emos are now inspired and dressed by metal lovers. It is a rare style, but it does exist. Gothic metal heads are inspired by the composition of metal heads and their accessories.

Gothic Lolita

The Lolita Gothic style is a Japanese and manga inspired style. It was a popular style in the city of Tokyo, which was often adopted by women and then spread around the world.

In fact, the Gothic Lolita style is a family of Lollipop style. However, the most common gothic lolitas are:

  • Puffy dress and skirt
  • Petticoat
  • Headdress (Headdress)
  • Mini petticoat
  • Artificial flowers
  • Umbrella

Tips for getting the gothic look

  • First of all, what you need to know about emos is that they have their own aesthetic standards centered on black. Everything they wear is black, or shades of red or dark purple. These colors are part of the process so is normally all over them
  • To pretend to be emo, you have to pretend to have fair skin or at least some makeup. The edges of the eyes are black pencils and the lips are done in slightly darker shades such as black, red and burgundy.
  • As already mentioned, the whole gothic costume is dark. Men usually wear long leather trousers or black jeans, a short-sleeved black T-shirt, a long black leather jacket and black leather boots or shoes.

Women usually wear dark T-shirts or blouses and miniskirts with fishnet tights. Tights, big leather boots and black gloves. Of course, it’s not necessarily the combination of clothes, but this is the spirit. What never changes is the tendency to wear the dark spirit of suits and leather.

  • We often associate emo with sad masochistic clothing. emo doesn’t mean you like sadomasochism, but if emo uses a lot of leather and chain accessories, it makes sense to think of emo and sadomasochism.

Also use accessories such as crosses, leather necklaces, chains, black heart rings, spiders and ravens. You can also wear a black veil that hides part of your face, a tiara or a very large leather bracelet.

The accessories that go with it

In a society where appearance takes precedence as an implicit guarantee, displaying a non-standard appearance is an effective means of protest that the punk movement had widely explored and of which many elements are still present in today’s gothic fashion, as much in the hairstyles as in the accessories or materials. So, you can’t talk about gothic without the accessories that add to it.

  • bracelets

A gothic bracelet can go with many styles. Some of the closest categories to gothic are punk bracelets and emoji bracelets. A bracelet can also be made from different materials. A gothic leather bracelet can be used to express pain or courage.

  • belts

Necessary additions to ready-to-wear clothing, belts adapt to trends and help to. While the origin of the belt is unclear, it is widely believed that early fabric models were used both to secure trousers and to carry everyday tools. Later, in soft, durable materials such as leather, belts were also used to fold clothing.

  • Necklaces

Necklaces continue to attract a large number of enthusiasts in the emo community as they combine a strong sense of seduction with a taste for provocation. They are jewels that discreetly reveal the personality of their wearer and can be admired in all contexts

The main color of emo clothing is black. Although the costumes are sometimes confused with the gothic style, emo costumes have their own characteristics and include bright neon colors. Purple and pink colors can also be incorporated into the wardrobe.

In fact, thousands of women want to know how to do it every year. To dress like a goth, you first have to choose your style well and then find the dark clothes that fit you best. The basic outfits for women are romantic black gothic dresses, gothic platform shoes and gothic jewellery. Whether you are a man or a woman, make-up counts and is fundamental.

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