How to dress emo scene?

A short history of emo

Emo is a style of punk music with expressive lyrics, highly political overtones and an emphasis on catharsis and self-expression. The genre originated in the 1980s hardcore punk scene in Washington DC, known as “emotional hardcore” or “emocoa”, pioneered by bands like Rites of Spring and Embrace. It is rooted in the post-hardcore, straight edge sports and summer revolutionary scene.

For over a decade, the term emo was used almost exclusively to describe the genres that dominated the late 1980s. However, in the 1990s, as emo music began to converge in a general sense, the term came to be used in a broader sense than the previous term, referring to both the type of music and the associated cultural movement.

The origin of the word emo itself is confusing, but it is most likely an abbreviation for emotional things. The representatives of this subculture are referred to as emo kids or simply emo. This emo subculture spread rapidly towards the end of the second half of the new millennium, especially as a youth trend promoted by bands such as Tokio Hotel, Cinema Bizarre and Dally. Since then, this phenomenon has also declined rapidly, and already in the early teens of 2000, there was further development in other fashions and subcultures.

Nowadays we are called one day to go on stage. The stage is no longer a privilege reserved for celebrities … today we have a choice of activities that lead us to go on stage for example the theater, dance performance or singing or even humor … and in these cases how to dress if you have a weakness for the style EMO

If you are looking for how to highlight this style when you have to go on stage this article is for you.

The styles created (also called scenes) are often associated with certain types of fashion related to skate wear.

Emo clothing has its roots in the hardcore/post-hardcore and straight-edge punk scenes of the American 80s (where emo was born), and the artists are different from the new, almost skin-tight skateboarder clothes of an era. Chased clothes, tattoos, cropped or shaved shirts and short shirts, and certainly no trace of fringe features.

Today, emo styles are very different from the original in both music and appearance. It’s as if there are some common elements that are more in common with the hardcore and pop-punk melodic scenes that originated 92,000 years ago in the US. However, recent “new” trends are influencing the overall trend as this outfit is now widely available and available in shops.

having the emo spirit

The seemingly shady world of the Goths hides a rich culture and can be classified as a counter-culture, and they are spread over all continents. In the crowd, they were quickly recognized, not so much by their words as by their extremely dark clothing.

If you approach a group of Goths, you will hear unusual words and expressions: it’s a world of difference. If you too feel goth, don’t hesitate to walk step by step, to discover, to do everything to enter this very particular universe, strange at first sight, but enriching.

the emo’s landmarks

WEAR BLACK: There are many different gothic styles, from classic gothic to death rock and romantic gothic (very fashionable in the 90’s). Other fashions call themselves gothic, when in fact they are just borrowing from the recognized gothic styles. AN emo style can be spotted by the following elements:

  • dark colors, like black, purple or red
  • satin bodices and corsets
  • striped stockings and tights
  • gloves with frills or lace,
  • lace skirts,
  • homemade leather jackets with objects and decorations reminiscent of gothic groups,
  • fishnet tights
  • emo boots, black boots with stiletto heels or laces and pointed toes, patent thigh-high boots or Doc Martens,
  • leather clothes, with lace, velvet, silk

TAKE THE TIME TO BRUSH YOUR HAIR. Don’t hesitate to dye your hair black. When you’re ready, it’s definitely the hairstyles that take time, not just the clothes or makeup.

EMO MAKEUP. For girls, Cleopatra-inspired eye makeup is singer Sioux Sie Sioux, while for boys, it’s Daniel Ash with black eyebrows edged in death. For eye shadow and foundation, the favorite colors are electric blue, purple, metallic.

Women’s eyebrows are either very thin and arched like Morticia Addams or thick and triangular like Sioux Sie Sioux. You don’t have to imitate either, create your own style.

how to present your emo style on stage

The front of the stage is not only a story of sounds, of the quality of what is produced, it is also a visual spectacle. In the age of social networks and smartphones, having a look that speaks has become more than ever essential for artists. Here are some tips to create an unforgettable emo look

Forget your simple outfits overloaded with colors to be visible. It is quite possible to be just as visible with a well thought emo style.                                                                                                  You can of course take inspiration from your favorite artists, but try to create a unique look so that people can quickly identify you.  An original and unique style can be a plus to make you stand out and stay in the memory of the audience.

Don’t be afraid to bet on the accessories, those that you find banal are the ones that played a lot in the emo extravagance of some artist.

dark and classy: stay in the loop on stage

Going on stage is to show that you don’t always need to opt for a set of clothing color. Black is a pass anywhere depending on your ability to give it a voice. So how to be on stage and be in theme with the way you arrange the clothing – Dressing well does not mean that you suddenly have to be aware of the latest fashions and follow them with passion.

Nor does dressing well mean that you have to go in the default sartorial direction and wear everything that well-dressed men and women wear.

regarding the female gender

The emo dress and skirt are the most essential and two of the most important elements in the gothic style. You can opt for

Beautiful strapless black dress with straps and pattern with added lace cascading down the left side. A beautiful lacing is present in the back will allow you to adjust and refine your silhouette to your liking. Lace sleeves can complete a classic outfit.

Similarly, a small mask or headband with lace will bring you a note of mystery without effort. Low intensity but high presence jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces will enhance the look plus a nice pair of simple or patterned dark boots

Sexy emo dress for women that is made of faux leather with a halter top with straps and lace sleeves. With a waist rather curved, the woman’s body is highlighted. As an accessory associated a handbag or backpack colored, even a doll

high-waisted skirt of emo style composed of a waistband associated with a lace top the woman highlights her low curves, legs while maintaining the glamorous style. Accessories can also be present history to decorate the parts that are naked and a pair of pumps color that will marry the accessory

regarding the male

The style emo man is also changeable depending on the character. The way of dressing is the same but the clothing arrangement is what makes the difference.

The classic black pants are mentioned .simple it is not very attractive but with accessories such as chains or studded belt or belt buckle or leather belt. for a look a little chicer we think of the black coat with long sleeves with Ring Open Finger Ring with Earring with Cross Pendant Punk Ring, Adjustable Gothic Ring.

On stage the man can dress the way he wants to while still being swag .for example a classic a vintage black pant a mesh t-shirt to show off his torso or a In case there is a famous personality you admire, you can get inspired by the way he dresses. However, just make sure you don’t forget your own interests and fitness. a simple t-shirt with inlaid patterns .a leather coat  .a scarf .a pair of gloves suitable for dressing .opt for an ankle boot or a boot according to your taste

If your personality is more casual and logical, you can have a simple wardrobe and a few well-made basics. Choose your clothes carefully. Dressing well means that you are comfortable with yourself and not hiding behind clothes.

In short, the more assertive your personality, the more explicit your clothing will be in emo.

In the media

They are very popular in Tim Burton’s emo culture films such as Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride and Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

It has also become common to distinguish aesthetically and emotionally fictional characters (often not just from films) from typical emo culture characteristics. Sam Monroe, the latest dream character, to name but a few. Jeff Matthews, the character from Living Cemetery Movie 2. Character from the Naruto-Multimedia series, Sasuke Uchiha. Zexion, the character from the Kingdom Hearts video game series. She is the character in the Death Note multimedia series. Ulquiorra Cifer, a character from the Bleach anime and manga series. Zero Kiryu, the character from the anime/manga series Vampire Knight. There are many other things.

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