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How to dress like an emo boy?

Let’s talk about emo Emo (also known as emo core) is a lyrically expressive, highly political style of punk music that focuses on catharsis and self-expression. The genre originated in the Washington, DC hardcore punk scene in the 1980s, known as “emotional hardcore” or “emocoa”, and was pioneered by bands such as Rites of Spring […]

All types of emo piercings

The habit of piercing is very old. Over time, different cultures, customs and countries have different meanings. Earrings became popular again in the 1970s. It was a sign of belonging to the band. In fact, rock and roll bands tend to mark punk and sometimes gothic performances, after which the fashion effects spread.  But it’s […]

What shoes do emos wear?

Gothic fashion is a set of items related to the appearance of the Gothic movement. In the gothic movement, which advocates refinement and elegance, the appearance of the suit as a sign of counterculture membership and a means of aesthetic discussion is essential. The continued development of the Gothic movement regularly feeds into Gothic fashion, […]

Why do emos wear bracelets?

In a society where the appearance prevails as an implicit guarantee, displaying a non-standard appearance is an effective means of protest that the punk movement had widely explored and which many elements are still present in the current gothic fashion, as much in hairstyles as in accessories or materials. Nowadays bracelets have become a plus […]

What is the emo bracelet meaning?

When popularity revived in 2003, Gel Bracelet became the subject of a major urban legend linked to sex games allegedly explaining the popularity among young teenagers. Later called “sex bracelet”. “Rumor has it that people wearing these gems are willing to do various things with the person taking off their wrists, from hugs and kisses […]

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