All types of emo piercings

The habit of piercing is very old. Over time, different cultures, customs and countries have different meanings. Earrings became popular again in the 1970s. It was a sign of belonging to the band. In fact, rock and roll bands tend to mark punk and sometimes gothic performances, after which the fashion effects spread.

 But it’s the negative image that pierced, so-called “rebellious” fashion reflects. Teenagers adopt it to improve their image and go against society. On the other hand, for coquetry, it is common for girls to use earrings, and the image has nothing to do with this “rebel” fashion.

This fashion being common, it is essential to choose THE emo piercing that will match your emo style


what types of piercings are emo?

Most piercings are done by professional piercers. For the more experienced piercing fan, there are various piercing tools and accessories available. The earlobe is often stretched over time to allow for tunnels, plugs or tubes. To stretch the earlobe, expanders (also called spreaders or wideners) are commonly used.

Barbells and navel piercings (also known as bananas) are very popular and are the most commonly used piercings, as are tragus piercings and labrets.

Piercings come in many shapes and forms. Nipple piercings, nose piercings… the huge choice of rings for pin piercings and septum piercings allows everyone to find what suits them. Spirals and horseshoe rings.

Multi-purpose piercings, the various rings (segment rings, clip rings, captive ball rings, etc.) can be worn on almost every part of the body. The piercings are therefore quite complex. The different accessories and balls can be personalized as much as you like, just like the single bars.


Septum Piercings

In some regions, the septal nose ring symbolizes a woman’s nubile age. Throughout history, men and women have used the jewelry not only as jewelry, but also as a status symbol. … your love for septal nose piercings certainly extends outside of this South Asian country. As long as you wear a horseshoe ring, you can always put it in a nostril that nobody can see. This one is the most painful piercing.


Targus piercing

A tragus piercing is located on the small area of cartilage that partially covers your ear canal. In terms of anatomy, the cartilage and the skin make up the external area of the ear. … Provided your ear fits, tragus piercings look great on just about everyone.

This one has been an ornamental piercing since the dawn of time and not just for women! Men have always been into the pierced ear trend, not necessarily to please but rather to stand out.

 Ear piercing used to be a way of expressing sexuality. But today this tradition is no longer there as the need to hide has disappeared over time.


Lip and tongue piercing

Today, tongue piercing can mean two things:

The lip piercing shows a desire to arouse desire, the lips being one of the most sensual areas of the body. The meaning is not limited to that

The lip piercing is also a reflection of the tenacity and determination of a person. It is a proof of strength of character, and when a goal is to be reached, the maximum is there!

Eyebrow piercing

A mark of opposition and rebellion

The eyebrow piercing, and more precisely at the level of the arch, is one of the few to have appeared recently, at the initiative of the punk movement. It is therefore no surprise that it signifies above all a rejection of norms and society.


Nipple Piercing

Nipple piercings were first practiced as a rite of passage for men (dating back to Central American civilization) and became a means of temptation in Victorian Europe. Its meaning remains much the same to this day.

Nipple piercings, both male and female, represent eroticism and desire. It shows that you are comfortable in your body and are not afraid to make sex an important part of your life. Depending on where the piercer is to apply the piercing there is a wide choice of piercing categories.

The banana piercings: in the shape of a half circle, this one can be applied on the nipple, the navel, the ear and even the lip. It will now be up to you to choose your model of jewelry.

The arcane piercing: piercing of eyebrows which adapts to the trajectory of the eyebrow.

Fake piercings: Fake piercings are a temporary way to let go of piercings for those who do not want to pierce or body piercings. This type of piercing is mainly held in place by high density magnets to avoid loss, other piercings are held in place by pressure or even suction cups.

Cartilage Piercing: Cartilage piercings are becoming more and more fashionable these days. Recently arrived in the world of body jewelry, it consists in embellishing your ears in a sublime way.

The piercings have so much variety … gold, multicolored, white gold, the piercing adapts to the emo spirit of its host.


how to know what type of piercing to get


When you have opted for an emo style and you want to complete it with piercings there are some things you need to take into account.



You need to make sure that the material you use matches your skin very well. The default material is.

Surgical steel (stainless): This is the most common material discouraged in the piercing section as it is easily accepted by the body.

Titanium G23 AND G5: Titanium is one of the most prescribed materials between the body, due to the fact that it allows a better acceptance and understanding to the rejection. More verbose and content than nickel, it meets the average of the western law relating to the implantation signet ring.

Acrylic: used for piercings that have already healed

14 or 18 carat gold: not recommended for implants but used by some piercers


With all these possibilities, everyone will find their favorite earrings. And for those who are still hesitating, the option of fake piercing with earrings, fake plugs or fake septa remains an interesting option. Indeed, they can wear jewellery and see the effects that real earrings would have.

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